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    Prot Paladin's in RBG's 5.1

    Hey MMO-Champions,

    I've been looking all over the internet, but I can't seem to find anything on Prot Paladins in RBG's in 5.1. Are Prot Paladins viable FC's anymore? Or is that a warrior and DK thing now?
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    im fairly certain pally is weakest of the 4 tanks in terms of PvP FC.<

    edit : Well 5 now ! sorry brew.

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    in 5.2:

    warr > guardian > blood > brewmaster > paladin

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    Warriors are too good with their mobility for anyone else to be a flag carrier. Same thing with Guardian Druids. Prot Paladins are too weak in damage and mobility to be considered. Though I'm sure a low MMR group would have no problem taking one.

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