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    People that think their opinion matters more then other people. They think because they don;t enjoy something then it must be bad and all the people who do enjoy it are wrong.

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    Anonymous is my biggest one.

    The idea of "hacktivist" and "doing it for the lulz" or "I'm doing this for freedum!" is just so absurd I cheer a little when some of those nuts get caught and put in jail for the stuff they've done. Then the ones who don't actually do anything but think Anonymous is their god make me cringe.

    It's probably one of the biggest fads out there currently, and the world would be a nicer place with that junk not cropping up everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelayah View Post
    How can one hate good ol' Gabe ?
    I don't hate him, not at all; he seems to be a very good man who has a very good mentality when it comes to gaming.

    However, I'm absolutely sick of the downright obsession about him.

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    People who open a reply with "..."

    ...It makes no sense.

    Also, people who end sentences like this...

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    versus anything type things, king of this example is superman vs. goku(fucking ripoff of supes and sun wukong) that pops over like the rash on EVERY COMIC OR MANGA SITE.

    screwattack showed why supes(and this is superman-89 here) would win, people need to shut the fuck up.

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    People hating on the internet - Its so fucking retarded and lame. People should spend more time on stuff they enjoy, rather than things they hate.

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    Facebook and TWITer I dont care what people had for breakfast, nor do i want to see you taking pictures of yourself flexing in the mirror with your phone.

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    bro, do you even lift?

    yea, crap like this...
    oh, and any form of trollface

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    I hate when the internet spills over into everyday life. Like when the "Ain't Nobody Got Time fo' That" meme shows up in our ready room at work. That shit sort of annoys me.

    Online: Anything goes. Whatever makes you happy. But please allow web culture to exist as part of it's own little microcosm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byniri View Post
    There's a reddit post that explains really well how these pages and posts work, I'll look for it.

    edit: found it:

    It's really pretty sad.
    i dont know what irritates me more - that they are created in the first place, or that i know people annoying/dumb enough to share them
    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    The fucking Derpship has crashed on Herp Island...
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Meet the new derp.

    Same as the old derp.

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    Facebook, Twitter, and MLP.

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    Nearly all of it.

    Sweeping generalizations that people will make in an effort to make their opinion carry more weight, the slang, the fanyboy-ism for various corporate entities / political viewpoints / religions, the hatred for things that are entirely avoidable.... Catching myself getting sucked into one of these sorts of arguments makes it even worse when it happens.

    There's a wealth of fantastic information out there, you just have to weed through the bullshit to get to it. Such is life, I suppose.
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    9gag can go suck it, imo.
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    getting a coffee
    when people say YOLO or #YOLO

    worst expression.
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    Canada,we've got freedom too, except we don't pretend to be american when we travel.
    facebook in general, and the transfer of facebook updates to text conversation on cell phones.
    I've blocked people from my phone for doing that.

    media telling me 'what's trending'

    pro america-fuck everyone else threads
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    i hate how anal every anal thing some anal people say has to anal have anal in anal it.

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    I find a lot of these are equally annoying, but why hate Gangnam Style? If you mean the plethora of copy-cat videos, yea, they're just as bad as reply girls, but the actual song, video, and artist is fine. In regards to viral songs, I do hate this Harlem Shake shit going around.

    As for Pewdiepie, I have always been confused why a ton of people hate him. He has made quite a few boring videos, and a lot of his jokes are getting a bit overused, but he's a decent "YouTuber" and can't see why hate is involved, unless I just chalk it up to people who arbitrarily hate things, especially successful things.

    Slightly related to arbitrary hate, there's nothing wrong with MLP either. My friend's three-year-old daughter loves it. The problem, that I'm sure most of you meant, is the "brony" bullshit and the fact that ANYONE outside of the young girl age-group, that the show as aimed at, even notices it.

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    Chuck Norris jokes-seriously these stopped being funny or interesting years ago.
    MeMes where they use the same wording but a slightly different picture than another meme
    People who bash another country while stereotyping 90% of the people in the country as being the same
    People who are under the belief that every single bad thing that happens is part of some massive conspiracy against them
    People who think they are right no matter what fact is thrown at them or how many people argue with them
    People who try and prove a point by saying something that actually has little to do with the subject being discussed
    uhm i'm sure there is more I can remember just by browsing these forums lol

    ahh yes, When people use Statistics that are gathered from a small amount of people but are then used to try and prove a fact about a massive amount of people(IE According to this survey that 2000 people took 80% of Americans would take $50,000 they found on the ground for themselves rather than turn it in)(that was made up btw not real)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Gangam Style
    Rage Comics
    Acting retarded to be an 'epic troll'
    Over zealous bronies
    Men's Rights
    White Knights
    Green Texting on sites that aren't 4chan
    Those shitty unfunny 4 panel shits.
    Don't forget women's rights, buddy.

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    Because it's another incarnation of "hold my beer and watch this," followed by something incredibly stupid.
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