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    Getting back into WoW

    I recently started playing again, and with that I was kind of curious which class most guilds are looking for DPS-wise the most. I have a lot of chars sitting at 85, just kind of unsure what to level as my old guild transferred off the server. I'm sure people get this kind of question a lot, and logic suggests 'play what's most fun to you' and I'll keep that in mind also, but I found enjoyment in at least one spec from each DPS class. So, if anyone could spread some insight as to which class is currently the most needed it would help me out.

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    If I had to make that decision I would go for a Warrior, very useful in a raid and fun to play.

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    Well not quite sure what to tell you. Like anyone, I'd say to play what you like, but you say you like pretty much every class, so I guess we'll go based on class popularity?

    Rogues are currently the least-played class (other than monk), so I'm sure there's plenty of spots for them. Warlocks are also in a great position, as they're the next least-played. Warlocks also bring tons of utility that many groups will welcome, what with portals, gateway, and the upcoming buff to DI.

    According to http://www.worldofwargraphs.com/stat...0-0-0-0-0.html and the class distibution:

    - Of the pure dps classes, rogue is least represented and warlock is next.
    - Monks are the least represented, but WW monks specifically have a decent representation compared to other classes/specs.
    - Feral druids are in the bottom half as well, but not as low as rogues.
    - DKs also have a relatively low distribution for the DPS specs (most DKs seem to be Blood).
    - While hunters and warlocks are among the least represented, they both have one spec that is up near the top (Afflic for lock, BM for hunter).
    - For shamans, there are a lot of elemental shamans, but not very many enhancement. However, Enhance is one of those specs that are under-performing in contrast to other alternatives.

    Hope this helped!

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