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    Unhappy Concerned about Raids and the Future of raiding. Discuss.

    Right now i was looking on forums and got a link that somehow show what is the current state of the game=Raiding.

    This was the Link.


    The amazing thing that i saw was 28k Guilds active and somehow as we already know descreasing is keep going.

    Seeying those numbers and the numbers that we Had if previous expansion is gonna be somehow a dead end for Raiding Guilds.?

    I dont say , but from Start of Cata we saw only descrease with the number of raiding population. Is this amazing descrease simply because somehow we Make inactive the 25-man ?
    I know Game is old ...9.6 milion... People comes and people goes. I know many people perhaps would choose something apart from Raid... But what? Collecting flower non stop? Collecting pets? Pvp with 80% of the team beeing bot's??????

    Sadly this Mmorpg has somehow loose the magic and the magic was Raiding. Lf destroyed everything from Server's Community.
    Instead of fixing the problem they create more problem.

    Ending feel sad that many of my friend have stopped/they somehow stoping because the Epic feeling , the spark of killing somthing for the 1st time.. is taken off.
    Perhaps people that would write and say it's ok ..are in Raiding guilds but with pop of 9.6 mil atm...i Have many friend's stanby for nothing. Is a shame for many people 2 cannot find any guild in order 2 do Normals/Heroics.

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    28000 raiding guilds is a lot. So far T14 is amazing for me and IMO raiding is really healthy right now.

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    holy shit if that is right that is scary. 980 25 man raiding guilds? if that number drops below 500 before next xpac. shits gonna get real or 25 mans gonna be getting some huge incentives. they better >.<
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    Besides the fact that this is some misc site that no one's heard of, 25000 kills of Will have been logged by Wowprogress.com alone, which appears to be much more than this random site reports.

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    wowprogress has over 3000 25 stone guard kills and over 1000 heroic stone guard kills. can't tell if that website is valid or not.

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    only alarming thing about those stats are the 10vs25 ratio..

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    Their figures are incomplete, wowprogress shows a lot more guilds having killed bosses.

    The rest of your post looks like yoda having a stroke. Raiding is alive and well, don't worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Their figures are incomplete, wowprogress shows a lot more guilds having killed bosses.

    The rest of your post looks like yoda having a stroke. Raiding is alive and well, don't worry.
    I really hope...Sigh WoW progress show ...Guilds....that have disbanded....Still they count^^

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    I think Blizzard will have to find new ways to make Raiding fun and interesting. New Mechanics.

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    A lot of forum raiders have forever been posting about how there are too many terrible players raiding. So, LFR, and some of those who probably should have never been raiding to start with and who many raiders really didn't want cluttering up their guilds and raids are happily ensconced there.

    Of course the raiding population for Normal/Heroic raiding was liable to shrink with that. Is that really a bad thing? I mean think about it. For years, a lot of people have been posting in raiding forums basically wanting raids to be really hard and people who shouldn't be there to be somewhere else. I don't know if I think T14 raids are really hard at the heroic level but they certainly aren't pushovers either for most people.

    I'm with those who think the only thing that really needs to be addressed at this point is the 10/25 ratio. Blizzard seems to be going about it slowly to avoid the whole business of swinging it suddenly the other direction. Wild swings to and fro are also something that nearly everyone complains about so this is OK as long as they keep trying stuff.

    Overall, I think raiding is in good shape right now.
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