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    hc pve gear <-> blue pvp gear


    atm i have ( in pve ) an ilvl of 507 ( only 2 nhc and 2 elite, rest hc ).

    Now im getting more into pvp ( since mop launch, so didnt know much about pvp power/resilience ) and i wanted to know if its worth to change the hc pve items to blue 458 pve items ?

    ( its about the non set items, the set boni's are obvious to take )

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    100% The PVP Resil and Power you get makes a huge difference

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    i pvp'd with a 505 ilvl until i got my t1 weapons for a long time and swear by its better than using low pvp gear

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    What spec? I'f you're healing you can use PvE gear for an insanely long amount of time.
    if you're going WW, just farm and cap until you can get your weapons. You'll take a bit more not having anything past baseline resilience, but you'll still hit like a truck

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    Stick with the PvE gear until you start replacing with the higher lvl PvP. I had to do 2 pvp matches for my legendary quest, walked into them in full pve gear as brewmaster and dominated both. It is worth it.

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    Not sure I agree with this, I am of a slightly lower ilvl than you, but I found changing over to PvP gear even though it has a much lower ilvl to be much much better, PvP power had a significant effect on my dps and you will get raped without any resilience.

    I am in 469 ilvl PvP gear and find myself surviving much longer and can even handle some 2v1 which never happened in PvE gear. It's no longer Cata, PvE gear is far far less viable in PvP than it has been in the past, plus it's really not hard to deck yourself out in full PvP gear relatively quickly.

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    Depends on what you are doing. If it's just normal BGs, it really doesn't matter. Personally I wore the pvp blues with the best PVE weapon I had, ie 510 Gara Fist. If you want to do Arenas or RBGs, the PVE gear just won't cut it. You will get stomped. As it is already I have to stem straight resil gems as WW for any serious PVP.

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    Your damage will be higher in HC pve gear.
    But damage is irrelevant if you die in a GCD.
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    When I find squishies in arena, they die by my fists. And FAST. It only takes 1 ability to check if they're PvP geared or not, and then my train of Deadliness will run you over

    Point: Deck yourself out in PvP gear, blue or not, it's better.

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