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    Contests for a "Raiding" guild?

    Hi guys!

    I lead a decent sized guild of 96 individual accounts and something we've been doing fairly recently is guild contests.

    Whenever we get a surplus of gold, we turn it into a prize, our two most recent being a Sapphire Panther mount and a Brawler's Guild pass (when they were still at about 20k). We're getting to the point again, where we'd like to offer another contest.

    The problem is, we're a guild that's focused mostly on raiding (currently 2 10-mans, working on a 3rd) and so things like Gnome Darts and Level ?? Races don't appeal to my group of people. So far, our most well received contest was a screen shot contest that could be anything pretty or awesome or funny, etc. We've also done a scavenger hunt-type contest where a list of clues were put on our guild website and the winner was whoever could find most of the places.

    I'm looking for something similar to these. Things that could be completed in the down time between Raids, LFRs, Valor Capping and Xmog runs and that won't require everyone being online at the same time (It's hard enough to do that for 2 raids!)

    Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated!

    ]I'd also be interested in hearing any awesome prize ideas.

    Of course things like Gold, Mounts, Pets, etc do well. We already have free repairs for everyone in the guild, so that's not an option. We also already gem/enchant any item looted in a guild raid, as well as having consumables for everyone in the raids.

    I thought about doing a prize where the guildies get to design the tabard for a month. Out of the 96 individual accounts, only maybe 10 of us are female. And with me being the guild leader, our tabard has been pink for the past couple of years, which some of the guys don't particularly like, lol.

    Any other ideas?

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    My guild used to do a raffle. 250g a ticket. What you do is have one person in charge of raffle.
    Open a new post in guild website
    write numbers 1 to 200
    everytime some one buys a ticket you write their name down so:


    If you buy multiple they all go next to each other. So you can wait it out to spread your numbers out.

    Once you have sold all 200 tickets do a /roll 200 in game and the winning ticket takes 20k gold or a mount you bought for 20k. The G bank then takes 30k for repairs and flasks etc.

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    My guild does events on our bday that are open to anyone on the server. We have lvl 1 foot-races. We also hide lvl 1 pinatas in the opposite faction's cities that people can kill for prizes. We do other stuff too, but IDR what they are.
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    Sarthan, that could actually be a really good idea. Just because then, we're also earning money for the gbank and giving away something at the same time.

    Aquamonkey, I appreciate the input, but as I said before, the races and things like that don't have much appeal for my guild, even though sometimes I wish they did.
    (The average age of my guild is 22+ years old and most think they're too cool for something like that, lol).

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    Volitar, what did you guys do, specifically? Draw your character?

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    My guild did a MS Paint character creation contest at the end of DS, it was really fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabbywabby View Post
    Volitar, what did you guys do, specifically? Draw your character?
    Yep, he had a couple people try and cheat with tracing but the rules are you have to start from scratch. I'll go and try to dig up the thread and post the pictures !

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    That would be awesome!

    We have quite a few people that are artistically inclined. And we have quite a few people that are not artistically inclined (like myself).

    And for the longest time, I've doodled pictures of/for my guild while at work that usually turn out looking like this.

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