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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsden View Post
    Bout time. Since they changed hunters all those lovely polearm graphics are going to waste on druids.
    My monk tank officially disapproves this comment for not including her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxweii View Post
    so uhm, this doesnt count?
    Well it does now that there are viable polearms for death knights/warriors.

    It didn't before.

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    There are some nice scythe-looking polearms that drop from random BC mobs if I recall correctly

    Don't remember what they are called but pretty sure they were around the 65-68 level and they were greens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    My monk tank officially disapproves this comment for not including her.
    Lol I didn't even know monks could use polearms XD... Thanks for informing me though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    To transmog one thing to another you have to be able to equip both items.

    Frostscythe of ahune is a staff.
    DKs cant use staves.
    Ret cant use staves.
    Warriors can use staves, but you can't dual wield polearms.

    Basically only an arms warrior could use this and transmog it to a staff.

    I guess a fury warrior could transmog it for the lolz and for idling in a city/shrine.

    Best in slot for Blood Dks though, my DK is a happy orc.
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    I actually got a strength polearm as a random blue item from a scenario. It had a really good looking dragonesque MoP design as well.

    It's a shame it's almost worthless, but I kept it anyways. Polearms are just awesome, glad to see the return.

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    Do you have to be able to equip both items come 5.2? The only reason I can think of that you have to now is because you can only xmog items of the same weapon type whereas in 5.2 you only need to have them share the animation. You should be able to use staff xmogs for Boris, I can't check cause I'm too lazy to DL the ptr but I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    2 more interesting finds:

    1. Healing/Ele Shaman Fist Weapon.

    2. 2h Intellect Healer/Ele Shaman mace.
    I believe monks could also use the fist, and paladins/druids the 2h mace.

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    last time i tanked with a polearm was in wotlk.. during trial of the crusader because i never got the 2 handed axe and i had the ilvl 200 craftable epic beforehand, the fact that the polearm is named boris makes me happy in my pants.

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