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    PvP video test.

    I'm not too sure if this is the best place to ask or put this video but. Here we go. Here's some hunter PvP Footage

    This video isn't ment to be taken like I'm an elitist or whatever. Let me know how the video and sound quality is also any improvements. Thank you
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    Well. I will just give you a couple of tips. First of all, it's ok to have 720p resolution, but you really need to improve your frame rates. It's not really enjoyable to watch with so many "breaks", maybe it was just my laptop going crazy. And lastly I don't know if it is a stylish thing or something else but using a hat while gaming... it's kind of strange. But this is just my point of view.

    Good luck with your channel. =)
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    Not bad at all, seem like a nice enough guy.

    Nothing wrong with wearing a hat while gaming, i have my gaming hat
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    if i tuned into your stream, id stop watching due to the video quality. sorry man.

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    Noise from the game is overpowering your voice, so you should prolly turn it down IMO.

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    Little bit laggy but othorwise its pretty good! keep em coming (subed)

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    I find that commentaries are best done with VERY low game sound, some good music in the background, a bit higher than the game sound, and then your voice being the main sound.

    If you're not saying anything exciting in the waiting-room of Arena or BG, cut it out, it's quite boring, and if the start of your video is boring, you might lose a view right there

    Best of luck to you!

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