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    Quote Originally Posted by Ainy View Post
    How do you counter 3 sec charge stun + 4 sec shockwave stun? Tell me, then i will tell you how to counter Ring of Peace.
    You serious with this post? lol

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    How do you counter Ring of Peace? Be a warrior, RAGEEEEEEEEE against peace
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawless Jones View Post
    I know how to counter RoP!!!!

    roll a monk!! disarms dont work on monks since they dont require weapons for their attacks!!

    wow thats a design flaw and a half, a talent that doesnt effect an ENTIRE CLASS (mistweavers can resort to fistweaving for the duration lawl)

    Disarms don't effect Feral druids either. Your point?

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    Get out of the ring. Simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valanna View Post
    Boy would PvP suck otherwise.
    PvP sucks because of the emphasis on "you don't get to play the game," but it's the only possible way to reconcile the need for absurd DPS/HPS throughput required for heroic raiding.
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    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
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    Crissi the goddess of MMO, if i may. ./bow

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    Different class, but the message still stands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    "Dodge and Parry" is about as useful as "Don't be standing near the target when RoP is activated."

    None of this works when you're already in the trap, which is what I was asking to be countered. Again, you can "counter" RoP the same way by not being near the friendly target.

    Counterspell is blanket. 1 class has Grounding. Can't activate Silence immunities while silenced.

    1 Class has Tremor, 1 Class has Berserker Rage, 1 Class has Lichborne, 1 Class has AMs, 1 Class has Cloak, 1 class has Freedom.
    So, if we're going to use your retarded logic, the best way to counter RoP is to be a druid or monk. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Same as above.

    Same as 1.

    Arena is 1/4 of PvP, but Necrotic removes 30k and LoH heals for 350+ Stuns don't prevent LoH's healing.

    Thanks bro. Forgot to use AMS on my druid, and can't forget about cloak on my monk. You're so insightful.

    Alrighty, now I'll admit there is no "blanket" counter to RoP, but since you like using spells only one class has, I guess I will too.

    1) Ring of Peace
    Shockwave -> walk away.
    Blind -> walk away.
    Charge away from the monk.
    Intervene away from the monk.
    Heroic Leap away from the monk.
    Deathgrip the monk.
    Disengage root.
    I could list more.

    So, how many you ask? At least 7. Learn the game.

    Roll, Flying Serpent Kick, Paralysis.

    There's another 3, so 10 total.

    Polymorph, Fear. Another 2, up to 12.
    RoP as an ability is one of those that you can't use an immunity for or stop with a trinket, that is the reason it's overpowered, because it isn't stopping damage per se making the monk immune, but is infact CC-ing the opponents. While it is true that the best counters to monks are feral druids and other monks I find it to be gamebreaking due to it's duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinitum View Post

    Different class, but the message still stands!
    Led me to this, which was pretty hilarious (albeit outdated):
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