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    [H] Come find a home! 9/16H LF Tank

    Looking for a guild where you can find an online family and a long term home? Dabu just may be the place for you. We're currently in search of one reliable tank for a core raiding position. Our team is incredibly close. Eight of our raiders have been in the guild at least one year and several of our founding members are still raiding. We know each other well, want each other to succeed, and have a philosophy to challenge ourselves.

    We are a 10m horde guild, 6/6 Heroic Server First Cutting Edge MV, 3/6 Heroic HoF & 4/4 Toes
    History: Formed in 2008
    Past Progression in Cata: 7/7 Heroic FL (Including the Firehawk mount for all raiders), 8/8 Heroic DS with Spine at 5% and DW at 10%
    Provided: enchants, gems, flasks, BIS buyable items, patterns, food, repairs
    Raiding Times: W 8-11, F 9:30-1, Sunday 8-11 PM EST.

    We are a very tight knit group. All of us are 23+ with careers, school, and other things that take up our time. Our goal is to progress and finish tiers in a shorter time frame, letting life be greater than wow. We not only play wow together, but other games (such as Lfd, League of Legends, BF, CoD, Diablo 3) and get together outside of the game. This past year we've had two get togethers- one for a week in December and another for July 4th. You'll find that we care more about the team progressing than loot. All of us research our class and come in knowing the fights so that we can kill bosses. This has led us to achieve top 300 US rankings and top guild on the server.

    What we desire is a long term member, not only finishing this tier with us but going into 5.2 and beyond. If this sounds like what you're looking for too, I'd love for you to come check us out at: www (dot) dabuguild (dot) com

    There you can find an app (go fill it out now!), logs, policies, and all kinds of other information about our guild. Be sure and check the media page for some of our boss kills and to hear what a raid with us might sound like. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope I've sparked your interest in Dabu!

    My battletag is Edynn#1103.
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