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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanberry View Post
    Piece of advice that can resolve almost any loot drama:

    Have everyone in your guild make a Best-in-Slot item list for their class/spec. Rather than arbitrarily trying to decide a piece of gear is for X class/role, go by the BiS lists - if an item is BiS for someone, they have equal priority on it to anyone else that it's BiS for. If it's not BiS, it's open to whoever can use it as a temporary upgrade, according to your loot system.

    Solves nearly all healer/DPS and tank/DPS disputes, as well as forcing people to know the loot table rather than just picking up an item because they can -- only to replace it 2 bosses later, when it may have been a better item for someone else.
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    I play a healer and have been playing an ele shaman too, it's normal for dps to roll on spirit gear because in most casesthey get to have spirit items as BiS for a particular tier.
    Righs and necks might be another thing but even on those it can be BiS.
    I wouldn't give a spirit item to a dps if it wasn't BiS tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    Spirit gear = healer has priority
    INT/haste/crit = DPS priority

    Heals have more use out of spirit gear then pure int/etc

    Taking spirit gear just because of you get hit from it over a healer is unreasonable
    No it isn't. Link the armory of one lvl 90 476+ geared Ele Shaman who has zero spirit on his gear. You won't find one, at all.
    Healers have no more rights to it than hybrid dps do, give that shaman his well-deserved gear.

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    You're wrong.

    Spirit gear goes to classes that it helps first, not classes that are healers. And I'm a healer.

    Spirit is hit for shadow priests, boomkins and elemental shaman.

    My guild uses an EPGP system, and whoever has the highest PR (EP/GP) gets the loot, but only people who qualify for the gear get counted (so obviously a warrior can't take a piece of cloth gear.) An item with spirit drops? A shadow priest and a holy priest are in raid. Shadow priest has higher PR, he gets the gear. An item with spirit drops? A mage and a holy priest are in raid. Mage has higher PR, but the priest gets the gear because the mage has no use for spirit.

    See what I mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    Taking spirit gear just because of you get hit from it over a healer is unreasonable
    It's not unreasonable because they use spirit just like the healer does, but for hit instead of mana regen.

    If they're hit capped, then, maybe they shouldn't be rolling on it. But that has more to do with your raiders being intelligent and thinking about what loot they want.
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    As long as your raiders know what stats are good for them and don't just go for "it has a higher itemlevel and spirit on it I NEED IT" then they should be allowed to go for what they need within the bounds of your loot system. Saying no because of outdated ideals seems foolish to me.

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    Depends on the situation your guild is in:
    are you wiping to enrage timer when you're progressing bosses? Give loot to dps regardless of spirit or not.
    are you wiping to lack of healin when you're progressing bosses? Give loot to healers regardless of spirit or not.

    that's ofc if you prio killing new shit and your players actually have a clue about what they're doing, you should/could look into what's BiS for the two people rolling for it to give a edge to someone. Or get another 2 people to do a loot counsil with you, give the loot to the people who are there all the time/ high performance/ helps out on tactics/ join ptr raids/ don't fuck up/ generally a nice person to play with. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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