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    Cheapest Way to get MoP.

    Hi All,

    I have a friend that wants to rejoin the game again to play with his other friends, however he will need to do a server change and faction change in order to bring his main across.

    He doesn't want to fork out 45 Euros for the tranfers and the price of the digital copy of the game.

    I have heard of players getting decent discounts from reliable websites for the game, do you have any sites you can recommend for UK/EU.

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    Just get it at Wall Mart or something. Also, have him just start a new character if he doesn't want to spend the money.

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    Scroll of Resurrection service will provide the recipient with a free server and faction change to the inviters' own, on a single character (affected by the character from which you sent the invitation). Also, it increases their level to 80, if below. These two benefits cannot be redeemed on two separate characters.

    If your friend has gone inactive before March 4, 2012 they'll most likely be eligible for the service.

    For more information, check the Blizzard support site.

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    Like Adréal said, you get a free server + faction change if your friend has been inactive for the last 9 months, but he lacks to mention that you also get your account upgraded to Cataclysm automatically as well, free of charge

    A scroll is definitely your best bet.

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    Thanks all for the responses I will check if he has already taken a scroll of resurrection, if he hasn't that will be win! Tks again.

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    If you don't want to pay for a faction/realm transfer the cheapest way is to reroll. It will only take you a few weeks to be level 90 its so fast now.
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