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    Try an asian MMORPG with farming 20,000 different mats for an item which just has 60% success rate when you find the right person with the recipe, got another recipe to use for the craft. Then of course you need 5 different pieces unsealed by a black smith who is just there 1 month randomly in one of the 15 catacombs.

    I also play Tera for something along the lines of this experience but anyways getting a little off topic with this one XD

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    At the least, this list lets us know what gear is available this tier. Nice to see a caster fist weapon after so long!

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    Loot by drop locations and stats. Sockets in brackets and the cells are colored by resto priority, so feel free to create a separate one for ele if you need it.

    Happy 1st week coining lads!
    Healing with different classes since Vanilla

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