Primal of Auchindoun EU are recruiting DPS and a Tank (Possibly a healer too) to re-build our raid team to continue through normal mode (Currently at 8/16) content ready for 5.2.

Our team was previously part of another, now defunct, guild and because of it disbanding we have left (Minus a few members) to form our own guild.

Primal is a level 25 guild complete with all the bells and whistles since it was a guild we used to use pre-MoP.

We like to focus on a semi-hardcore raid environment with a social edge, but due to many issues we have not had the time to push through 5.0 content at a rate we would like.

We raid 8PM to 11PM Wednesday and Sunday and 8:30PM to 11PM Thursday.

We are mainly recruiting a Tank (Any Class) and a DPS (Mage, Shaman, Warrior, Monk and Druid) although other applicants will be considered if we deem it worthwhile to alter our raid group.

Head to - to apply or ask on here or in game (/w me on Artirev or Desparatus) for more info.