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    What is it with Blizzard and randomly really really low drop chances. I know Reins of the Onyxian Drake was fixed in 5.1 to around 1%, perhaps its time they look into this one as well, I mean 1 in 3333 attempts ( according to wowhead ) is hearth-breaking to say the least.
    From the wikipedia page on Reinforcement (aka. psychological conditioning, or "brainwashing"):

    "Variable ratio: high rate of responding greatest activity of all schedules, responding rate is high and stable."

    Giving it a teeny tiny chance to drop is a great way to keep people hooked on WoW.

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    It sucks for mount collectors who only get one small time of the year to get it, would be nice if the holiday mounts we're Bind on Use

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    The mounts on galleon and the sha always existed.
    Luckily the droprate is extremely low, you know why ?
    Simply because each player can roll on the boss TWICE, in my opinion the droprate should have been divided by at least 50 from normal drop. (=0,02) to have the same chance to drop it, than you had to get for exemple Kael'Thas mount on 25 players raids.

    And some peoples already have sha's mount and galleon's mount, are you guys crying cause a rare mount is rare ?
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    May the odds be forever in your favor.

    ..sorry, had to say it

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