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    "When Shade casts flame wreath, DO. NOT. MOVE."

    *Someone moves* a;lkgjoakjuerwokjawelorjalj3r4lk;aj


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    Heroism was like totems- party wide (oh the drama! all shamans felt so much love watching others just kill eachother to be with us!) , addiction to mana pots (counting seconds to mana pot get back from cd), mages spamming arcane missiles and then going oom and wanding XD Corner pulls, cc on dungeons (that i actually miss!) NO AOE ARROUND THE SHEEP!! (heh) , patrolling mobs in dungeons - you kinda knew skilled tank at 1st sight...(i do miss that too), infinite battle rez (yea i know im talking TBC but i did not raid in vanila much) - if u had many druids in raid You could count RPS (rez per second )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    Pepperidge Farm remembers!

    Who the hell would miss that? I am so glad it is gone because it was a pain in the ass in PvP. I still by habbit keep hitting my watershield button.
    this SO MUCH thi lol...oh God this thread is full of wins btw and makes me smile all the time But no. I dont want most of the things back, no matter how funny it seems now it was horrible (and yes totems pets and mounts in bags <shudder>)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post

    I'm with you man, but most those things weren't just in vanilla - Tbc, and even WOTLK had a lot of pointless things. If in 6 years wow still exists, we'll make a thread to remember all the pointless and retarded shit from mop.
    all those pointless things made the journey feel that much more epic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Not sure tbh. It was the longest iirc. It was also pretty hard compared a Scholomance/Strathome. But UBRS was pretty hard too.

    I thought at first this thread was about Vanilla. But since it is not... I say the hardest instance was Shattered Halls, Arcatraz or The Black Moras.
    All in an unnerfed state.
    should have been the way heroics stayed to

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    Quest world items didn't sparkle...

    Being a mana battery

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    Thing I remember was the epic mount quest for Warlock. Being a noob to the game, it was a struggle for me!

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    My first dishonorable kill when I was exploring on my then level 23 warrior and had made my way to the beaches of Ashenvale. Accidentally pulled and killed a quest NPC.

    Having berserker rage as my fear break in berserker stance and death wish as my fear break in battle stance (tbc).

    Stance dancing to interrupt (man that felt shitty).
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    in tbc, Breaking the 10k HP as a tank, Just to break 20k in BT/MH =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martoshi View Post
    When you still knew where the dungeons were located in the world?
    So much this.

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    No DR on fear and not breaking on dmg....EVER
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisxor View Post
    Trade chat wasn't linked between all cities originally if I remember correctly
    I remember when....

    You had the Looking For Group chat channel that was a global chat channel . I could be questing in Felwood and chatting to someone in Feralas.

    It was much better for making raid groups than having to wait around in a city so you could see people LFM in trade chat (as is the case for the world bosses these days). They should really bring it back.... I think Blizzard said it used up a lot of resources (whatever that means) but it seemed to work fine during Vanilla and so i'm sure their tech should be able to handle it 7-8 years later.
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    the days where you got an upgrade weapon and couldn't use it for a week because you had to get those last few levels of weapon skill capped. yeah that was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenburger View Post
    Blessings were a 5 minute buff.
    Was so happy that my warlock was my main back then lol. Having to have a buff mod to buff people every 5 minutes sure does sound like loads of fun. I do miss Divine Intervention though.

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    ...When shamans had to place each totem down individually. I always hated that. lol.

    ...And when maces stunned. Good times.

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    Remember back in the day mages had to show up early for raids to conjure food AND water separately for each player?

    Remember back in day to cast buffs on the entire raid required reagents?

    Remember back in day you had a wait a day after playing battlegrounds to get your honor points?

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    Level 19 twinks were actually hard to get and were fun...
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    Remember when:
    Paladins had to buff every 5 minutes
    Undead Priests were the only priests with Devouring Plague
    Priests had to switch off Fear Wards
    You required Fire resistance for fights in MC
    You required nature resistance for mobs/bosses in SSC
    You required frost resistance to stand a chance against Sapphiron
    Mages were a must for over half of the heroics in TBC
    When Paladins were only good for healing.
    2h legendary mace wielding enhancement shamans
    When Sulfuras looked like a big banjo
    Warriors were the "only viable tanks"
    Rogue could kill anyone in pvp wearing no armor while having 2 level 1 daggers equipped.
    Rogues could stunlock just being specced into maces.
    Moonkins were called OOMkins
    Nobody played druids
    Buying your first mount took weeks and weeks of farming gold
    Having an epic mount made you godly
    Onyxia was a challenge

    I could go on but....

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    Going into TBC hunters one-shotting with aimed shot and mages globaling with pom pyro

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    I remember begging for Blessing of Wisdom as a hunter so I wouldn't have to go into Viper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsz View Post
    When pvp actually had oneshots, oh yes the time when I actually wanted to PvP
    Hahaha, my paladin had a 1-shot button on a 6 second CD when I was leveling her at the start of MoP.

    Also, dual spec: 1000g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuiZe View Post
    Remember back in the day mages had to show up early for raids to conjure food AND water separately for each player?
    There was no soul well before TBC.
    Each healthstone cost one soul shard.
    Soul shard is a conjured item you get from killing a exp gaining mob with a tick of drain soul. Note that any other source of damage(DoTs) doesn't count even you are channeling drain soul. It must be drain soul damage which is really low because it was not a execute move like now.
    and mages complain they have it hard....

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