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    Needing powder to blind and vanish.
    40 man raids.
    Paladin buffs lasting only 5 minutes.
    Quest to gain access to MC.
    Blue items being desirable (Shadowcraft and other T1 sets).
    Dishonorable kills.
    Hillsbrad battles.
    Questing and summoning the elemental/tree in Alterac Valley.
    Absolute bullshit balance in PvP, PoM Pyro, godlike Rogues, ridiculous Warriors, triple crit windfury, useless druids and paladins etc...

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    I remember all of that. So glad all that BS is gone.

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    I had ammo pouches, quivers and mana.

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    ...when you had to build up server reputation/friend's list just to do dungeons, when you had to apply for top tier raiding guild and earn a weekly spot in the raid, then raid and raid until you earned the right/DKP to get a drop?
    ...when you could cater your specialization to fit your specific needs or figure out new/interesting synergies?
    ...when being equipped with blues actually meant something, and being epic'd out stood you out from the crowd, literally.

    Some things are for the better, some for the worse, some have both pro's and con's and the game still needed to change to fit the demands of the playerbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    That's right, I remember all this from WotLK as if it was yesterday :P
    Pffffft... wotlk GET OUTTA HERE

    I miss the old "druid code" back from vanilla (anyone who played a druid back then knows what i mean)

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    * Soul shard bags and farming to fill said bag.
    * Making a single healthstone at a time per person in a 40man raid
    * Pala buffs lasting only 5mins
    * Frost was THE raiding spec for mages
    * Hunters could be silenced to block abilities due to using mana thus making it a spell.
    * Reagents for the buffs required to raid
    * Summoning the lazy raiders one at a time (30+ usualy) for a 40man
    * 500g was billionaire standards
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    after just seeing results of morality bukkake on garrosh

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    remember back in the days when mages had the "detect magic" spell that allowed you to see others buffs ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoonalol View Post
    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    When Paladins and Warlocks had to quest and grind for their epic 60 mount.

    When areas had so called no-go zones with elite mobs such Feralas and Loch Modan

    When there was no dungeon finder, getting into a heroic just once on an evening was an achievement in itself

    Oh and yeah I remember when we didn't have achievements :P

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    When epic mount plus speed cost about 1000g+.

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    Brewing poisons
    Farming Fadeleaf for Blinding Powder
    When preparation actually used to reset all rogues cooldowns
    Farming at Tyr's Hand
    Farming Encrypted Texts in Silithus
    Farming Argent Dawn reputation for Naxx attunement
    Finding Rexxar... oh God the horror...

    EDIT: Farming runes of thawing and selling them for enormous amount of gold, just to find out later that after looting one you get saved and getting loot banned for a month after Naxx came =/

    EDIT2: Getting saved in Naxx after killing Mr.Bigglesworth. That bloody cat...

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    * Hunters could be silenced to block abilities due to using mana thus making it a spell.
    Hunters still can be silenced, only a few spells now, though.

    I remember the journey from Teldrassil to Stormwind. At first I didn't know how and some helped me, then on my 2nd nelf I led a group. :P
    Also, the gold needed for level 60 mount. I think I managed to get off with the lvl 40 mount 6 levels after, but I had the same mount till I got to level 70. I got my 100% riding skill AFTER I got my flying mount, heheh.

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    When mounting had a 3 second cast time.
    When there was a wand specialization talent.
    When levitate was self-cast only.
    When vampiric embrace was an enemy debuff instead of a self buff.

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    30-60 Minute Cooldowns (Shield Wall, Lay on Hands etc.)
    Training your weapon skills because an axe upgrade just dropped and your toon had never used axes before.
    60% Flying mounts
    1000g for 100% ground (when earning 1000g might as well have been 1,000,000g now)
    Triple Proc windfury, were each extra attack from windfury could and often did proc it's own windfury
    Zul'Gurub and it's pandemic causing abandoned capital cities
    One Mail Box Per City
    AH only in IF and Org
    Water Dismounting you
    Walking until almost level 50 (some cases all the way to 60) because finding the 90 gold at level 40 was crazy hard early on
    BG queue times could be over an hour
    If you stayed in feign death for 6 minutes you actually died
    Queuing for BG's at the actual portal
    I wish they would bring this one back!You could click off the gryphon halfway through a flight path
    Druids only healed
    60 Second Breath Timer
    Undead had Infinite Water Breathing
    Mounts used a bag slot
    Alliance complained Horde got the good class (Shaman)

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    Windfury totem + arms warrior.

    Oh, and using newbies in demon summoning ritual (that one which required +4 people) which ended by 2-3 deaths because of missing demon binding
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    Russians are a nation inhabiting territory of Russia an ex-USSR countries. Russians enjoy drinking vodka and listening to the bears playing button-accordions. Russians are open- and warm- hearted. They are ready to share their last prianik (russian sweet cookie) with guests, in case lasts encounter that somewhere. Though, it's almost unreal, 'cos russians usually hide their stuff well.

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    here's a good piece of old memories:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspect of Death View Post
    Wait for 3 sunders before you could attack.
    ...before you could see the number of stacks, and the instruction was to wait until the debuff hit a certain value of armor reduced rather than waiting for a number of stacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by alt-ithist View Post
    I remember assigning each resto 3 groups to rejuv, and the boomkin had a group or 2 aswell (it's not like we brought them for their dps). Only one rejuv were allowed on a player at a time.
    I remember assigning which priest would be responsible for keeping Renew up on the main tank. Especially just after AQ got released, and some priests had a higher rank of Renew than others.

    Quote Originally Posted by faketan View Post
    3 stack lifebloom on all tanks and just keep it rolling. What is this rejuv.
    What is this "Lifebloom" thing you speak of?
    Diplomacy is just war by other means.

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    When you had to gather multiple times. And you could fail at gathering herbs.

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    It was worth £9 a month...

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    Shaman's totems only affecting those in their group, so drama often happened (at least for my guild) who got to be with the Shamans

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