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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefhamer View Post
    When people didn't bitch and complain about everything all the time.
    When was this?

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    Warlock mount and pet quests, those were fun/annoying all at the same time. I also remember when I was oom on my hunter and I would cast lower rank versions of arcane shot so that I didn't have to wait for my mana to regen haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Couldn't you find a mage for a portal?
    Trade chat wasn't linked between all cities originally if I remember correctly

    Softbottom <Game Over>

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    Drain mana, I miss you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asacado View Post
    We had to have reagents to cast buffs and had to reach a defense rating of 540 to even tank?
    Defense rating of 541. You had a 0.03% chance to be crit with 540.
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    remember when slower weapon speed meant bigger backstabs?

    2.00 speed barman shanker...

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    When Paladin seals had a purpose.... (Seal of Casino, Seal of the Crusader)

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    SM/Ruin was the go-to spec for Warlocks.

    Not that it mattered, all we were good for was Healthstones anyway... which we had to spend X hours prior to raid farming shards to make them for the entire raid.

    Pulling aggro from lifetap.

    Tanking Vaelastrasz BEFORE threat meters existed/were widely used.

    BRM on a PvP server.

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    I remember enhance shamans (mostly) only viable use in raids was using Nightfall...

    And warlock Firestones/Spellstones being offhand items.

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    The Hunter quest from Molten Core for the epic bow/staff, where you had to kill those 4 named Demons in Silithus, Winterspring, Un'Goro and... Burning Steppes? That quest was amazingly fun, wish they'd bring more things like that back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aturbus View Post
    Drain mana, I miss you...
    I still can't believe they removed that mid-season.
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    when spells had different ranks and you could accidentaly forget to put the right level of the spell on your bars and you were like "why the hell is my damage so low" .. and leveling weapon skills was one i remember since i made sure to max every single one and it took forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faketan View Post
    3 stack lifebloom on all tanks and just keep it rolling. What is this rejuv.
    You do realize that during the times he's talking about there was no lifebloom right?

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    Having to recast seal of command/blood/justice/whatever every judgement was a pain too. Ugh.

    The life of blessings is one of rags to riches, from 5 min individual buffs to one cast being raid-wide and lasting an hour. Grand.

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    When your hunter pet had to stay fed/happy (complete with cheesy smily/frown face icon) otherwise it would die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkd View Post
    When was this?
    You know darn well it is so out of hand and over the top now compared to Vanilla.

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    My oldest WoW memory stems from either late beta or early release, and that is Thunder Clap inflicting Nature damage.

    Oh, and remember how warriors weren't allowed to spec into Deep Wounds because of the limited number of debuff slots on bosses? Yeah, good times.
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    Ahhhh, the days of taming multiple pets just to "gain" one of their moves (Claw Rank X ).

    I could go on and on...

    Although I do miss Viper Sting. I loved draining caster mana!

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    When druids only had to target 1 person and click WG to win healing meters

    When pvp actually had oneshots, oh yes the time when I actually wanted to PvP

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    You actually brewed your own poisons as a rogue.

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