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    On the front page there is a white letting a blue know about how they feel that the LFG system has diluted any real human community left in WoW and I agree.

    WoW was better because the community was far better. All this LFG/LFR stuff ruined the community, but certainly brought in the big bucks.
    The community wasn't really better. Perhaps what happened was that the interaction was more limited? Through the Finder tools you can literally encounter hundreds of players every single day, it's hard to not come across a rotten apple every so often. Back then we didn't even have a Raid Finder, so most experiences with large groups were on PVP, and I'm fairly sure we all have memories of how heated the BG chat would be at times, as well as players from the opposite faction shouting text that was offensive for your team.

    The bad apples were already there, but our exposure as individuals... I'd wager it was much smaller, since even arranging a 5-man group (a pure PuG, that is) was a rather lengthy process.

    I am tired of this really, really weak attempt by Blizzard anymore of letting us know that we are almost always wrong and that they know better. They certainly know how to advertise and make the most money for the smallest amount of product and work, like any good company. That is all they are anymore, a "good company" that anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain foolish. They don't care about anything other than making money anymore and now it is nothing but a business. LFG has ruined everything and it gives you the opportunity each day to mostly SEE "hundreds" of people a day. In my experiences the LFG system is a convenient way to grind with hardly anyone communicating anything to you unless it is most likely something vulgar.

    Back in the day it took longer to get groups SOMETIMES. There were always "leaders" in the community be it tanks or healers that you KNEW would lead a great group once you got in. You KNEW that tank you KNEW that healer by name and reputation ACTUALLY mattered because we were all forced to be in the same group, now WoW is nothing but the McDonald's of games, forsaking what is right for what is convenient. It is cheap entertainment and you should all wake up to this. Do not let this company push you around and talk to you as if you were born in a tub last night. Boycott Blizzard. Cancel your subscriptions and then they will have to respond. Products ARE democratic by design because the CONSUMER has the power to change it. If you want to see REAL improvement then stop feeding this lazy company anymore money.

    They are FAKE PHONY people who will say and do ANYTHING to just keep the money flowing, no matter what. That means lying and cheating and stealing and using any tactic required to sham people. Stop giving Blizzard anymore money. Watch now as the shills come 1 by 1 to dispute this, talking about hard evidence needed when the truth is right there in front of you. This game is a total waste from head to foot.

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    While we're fine with a post that constructively criticizes World of Warcraft, a rant calling for a boycott and calling the game a "total waste from head to foot" is not that and has no real future. There is little to discuss in this.

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