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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post

    Remember how bat pets had their screeching attack, and they would continuously screech driving the entire raid completely mad?
    There was this one time in Stratholme with my Alterac wolfpet (anyone who doesn't know, alterac wolf and I think one other, don't remember which, could get to about 245% runspeed) it got feared by the baroness with sprint active, it ran down and pulled half the dungeon -.-

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    When crit was the only stat which mattered for holy paladins. if the item had more crit it was usually an upgrade.

    When shadow priests were only invited to the raid to provide the "boss takes 10 % increased shadow damage".

    When innervate was a talent in the bottom of the restoration tree.

    When paladins and shamans didn't use spirit at all.

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    Down ranking heals, cancel casting on tanks. Cloth items with agility and strength! lol

    Wizard/mana oil, sharpening/weight stones. 2 min pot cooldowns, and pots only stacking to 5 =( lol

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    Poison and Disease cleansing totem, Sentry Totem, many more totems, Fire Nova Totem.

    Someone already mentioned this, but I'll say it again, totems being partywide (which resulted in TBC with Bloodlust being party wide and not giving debuff, more shamans in party, more bloodlust).

    At least 6 freaking ranks of Lesser Healing Wave.

    Mana Oil. 'Nuff said. Combined with sexy mp5. Oh, how I miss that.

    Water Shield having charges ( ;_; ).

    Some things that weren't mentioned yet. Quite honestly, I miss the old shaman healing, personally speaking. But there were things that I don't miss of the old times.
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    Old Windfury Totem

    That is all

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    My class leader organizing paladin buffs and I tell him: "Oh say, I have sanctuary if it's helpful."
    - Wait, you have sanctuary?! You, sir, are going to buff sanctuary!


    Because paladins had to re-seal every 30 seconds. And buff every 5 mins. Those times will never return...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rheckameohs View Post
    Oh, and remember how warriors weren't allowed to spec into Deep Wounds because of the limited number of debuff slots on bosses? Yeah, good times.
    Speaking of which, remember how useless affliction locks were due to said debuff limit or how much of a pain it was to keep an eye on your dot durations during a time when there were no addons for that or any option to filter only your own debuffs?
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    where hunters still had arrows and a quiver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanik View Post
    Down ranking heals, cancel casting on tanks.
    That and the five second rule! Oh, the times when healing was still fun.
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    3 hr queues to log in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    When Paladins had Seal of Blood for Horde and Seal of Retribution for Alliance. When you had to refresh your seal after 30 seconds or each time you casted Judgement. When each class had a certain buff to bring to the raid. When you had melee fighting who would be in the Shaman group or in the Hunter's group.
    Not to mention auto-attacking everything to death until you were level 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaeed Massani View Post
    Warlocks had to farm shards. And had Firestones and Spellstones for weapon enhancements.
    I still have a Firestone on my Lock from WoWLk lol.

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    I almost forgot Defense stat o_O

    and man... farming shards as a Warlock to: summon the raid (1 shard per summon), make healthstones (1 stone per), use shadowburn as a damage spell (1 stone per).

    Yuck -_-;

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    when geared warriors players shit on you in 1 shot, guess its not much different from today

    when DRs didn't exist and rogues could pop all cooldowns and CC chain you for over a minute and you couldn't do shit about it

    when pallys and druids were utter garbage

    when shadow priests shit on everyone, especially undead spriests

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnsome View Post
    I still have a Firestone on my Lock from WoWLk lol.
    I still have both of them sitting in my bank. Unfortunately they removed all the old soul shards.
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    I remember when Brokentooth was the pet to have with her 1 sec attack speed. I finally tamed her the day before the nerf when all pet attacks became 2 secs .

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    remember back in the days when shamans actually had useful totems ?

    Oh, sentry totem, how you are missed every single day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoonalol View Post
    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsz View Post
    When pvp actually had oneshots, oh yes the time when I actually wanted to PvP
    Go do some leveling battlegrounds. There's plenty of 1shotting there...

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    Ammo ugh

    Always running out

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    When paladins were only Alliance

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