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    Whispering random people of the same level using /who, then asking if they wanted to do a instance. After the run i added everyone to buddy, so i knew who to ask next time. Lot's of 'friends' online

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    Farming... especially in classic ... Felwood.... Flasks...
    Farming green LowLevel crap with Nature Resi for Princess Huhuran in AQ .. content blocker at its best ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by rep0r View Post
    Farming... especially in classic ... Felwood.... Flasks...
    Farming green LowLevel crap with Nature Resi for Princess Huhuran in AQ .. content blocker at its best ^^
    omg the grinding for making flasks for raids was murder... My mage was an alchemist and I remember waking up really early in the morning some days just to grind in areas before anyone else got there lol. To say I feel nostalgic about that would be a lie, looking back on that makes me cry xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawxey View Post
    Training your weapon skills because an axe upgrade just dropped and your toon had never used axes before.
    Water Dismounting you
    These two were so annoying, glad they removed them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonoy8 View Post
    I remember 30 second wotf

    that's why every person who made a warlock were undead and alliance warlocks like myself basically were non-existent.

    I also remember that probably half the server was either a paladin or a shaman, they were the really OP classes at launch.
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    when healers actually ran out of mana

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciggy View Post
    that wasn't too long ago. Defense rating came along at..80 was it?
    Pretty sure defense was in the game since launch, IIRC there even was cloth chest with defense on it from Scholo (Ironweave something? Can't really remember now). And at least in TBC you needed something like 415 defense to tank as druid.
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    You could have only one faction per server.
    Rares had a spawn timer longer than an hour.
    Paladin blessings lasted 5 minutes.
    Flying was 60% and 1000g, and it was a status symbol.
    There were places in Azeroth we couldn't go to.
    Old world flying didn't exist.
    There was an old world.
    Scrolling quest text.
    Maps didn't tell you where to go and what to do for quests.
    Barrens chat was all together.
    The game was new and exciting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khalltusk View Post
    Start scarlet runs gave at least 2 orbs per run usually much easier to farm it!

    Also people talked about relics, pfft I remember when we had no such thing and I used the ghost buster thing that went into the relic slot as a shaman. It was a quest item from desolace I think.

    When relics were added I went into BRD to collect mine!

    Also sentry totem back when you could use it to float in the air. you would plant it on a cliff jump off and you simply clicked the totem buff icon and you would stop falling and view everything from the totems POV. Great little tool.

    Also when far sight was useful for exploration AND in use in battle grounds. Back in the day before the armoury or when the score displayed their rank, and before cross realm BGS. I used farsight to view the other forces before the battle started. In AB you simply far sighted all the way to the gate and I would have to look at their gear on there models. I could at a glance tell who the threats were and our fixed team would then know. I also told our guys who on their team went where at the start, I was hardcore PVP then before I joined a pve guild :P
    The ghostbuster thing was a quest reward/item in Stratholme UD side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superstarz View Post
    when healers actually ran out of mana
    and used to run out of combat drink up and run back in.... we did it for world bosses ( the ones right before aq event)

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    OMG. the endless Chuck Norris jokes in Barrens chat filling my screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Cool days, I always gave 80 candles at the start of a raid to another priest because he liked to buff and I always "forgot".

    The 540 defence was very anoying for a DK tank because I always had to port to the DK homeworld when I wanted to tank one 15mins run instead of DPS because if gemmed right the Gargoyle weapon enchant made you cap, so you couldn't just switch to tankgear and be done with it (if you used the same weapon for tank/dps)
    The dk runes were annoying I finally told my guild if you want me off tanking bosses I want Heroic BoneChewer or cleaver. The axe off Marrowgar. I refused to ruin my blessed shadowmourne with tanking gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Couldn't you find a mage for a portal?
    We tended to do things rather than sit there waiting for mummies to do things for us. It was years till i used a mage portal and still hardly ever use them

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    That rogue who refused to take the Improved Sap talent point, and ALWAYS INSISTED ON PULLING WITH SAP.

    Candles and Light Feathers for my Priest. Priest racials.

    Landing and having to choose my next destination during long taxi trips (could download an addon that displayed a flight timer so you'd know how long you could AFK before having to select the next flight point).

    Class quests.

    The certainty I'd never be able to afford my first Epic land mount (the frustration when the costly part switched to the riding skill, and the mount was now cheap... something like that anyway, it's been years).

    Mounts being afraid of water.

    The AQ War Effort (those weeks, rather than the final opening of the gates).

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    Rose colored goggles of nostalgia not-withstanding, there are quite a few things I do NOT miss. "Wasting" an entire bag on soul shards was definitely one of them...

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    When water and food were seperately cast. (water was stacks of 4....)

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    10 second crusader strike. Judgement hitting for the same damage in greens - SWP gear
    Fel mana potions and darkrunes.
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    Tying onions to our belts, as was the style at the time.

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    Knowing who on server could cut which type of random gem cut pattern in tbc.
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    getting banned from mmoc is like being let out of your jail cell when your sentence is over.

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