Ok so I get some weird problems with my computer, running on windows 7 64bit and I would really appreciate some help. There are 2 problems in particular:

1) When my pc goes to "sleep" mode, 90% of the time it will remain on a black screen until I control+alt+delete (or restart) aka it won't respond to key strokes or movement/clicks of the mouse. Then if I press cancel, the program that I had been using will appear kind of corrupt, a bit pixelated, but if I minimize and maximize it, it is then working ok. Also, my "escape" key goes out of function so I can't use it anymore, until I perform a restart.

2) The most important problem is that sometimes more often when I play SC or WoW (aka use alot of Ram/cpu/gpu power I suppose?) and I am talking on skype or mumble/TS/Vent for a couple of hours, then my sound will suddenly stop working, and any video I play on youtube or song I listen to on itunes, will play with 1 fps, and each second of the song/video will be played very slowly, with no sound.

I have no idea why these things happen. They seem kind of strange, I tried googling many things, I tried not using skype/TS etc. but it would still appear. I know for sure that it is not an application's fault, for example skype or SC or wow, could be a sound card issue? Or overheating? And if so how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for your ideas.