[H] Santa Maria - Kazzak - 14/16 HC, 3d/wk, Late night

About us
Santa Maria is a tight-knit 10man raiding guild and also dabbles in PvP. Our core members date back to TBC and early WOTLK.

We are a group of laid back players who take the game seriously while allowing for real-life. We offer stable leadership (Officers have been guild-mates for years), solid play from players who know their classes and a very active, engaging and often hilarious guild chat / ventrilo server.

We've always been a late night guild. We are your average guys/girls who, because of work/family/school commitments, cannot raid during the afternoons/evenings. We aim to clear content at a steady pace which is why we raid three days per week, during which we are focussed, determined and ready to take down anything blizzard throws in our way.

T14 has been a bit of a slow start for us. We have now fully cleared HOF and MSV and are finishing up with TOeS. We're looking for a few last members to round out our roster and join the progress bandwagon!!

Open Spots
Currently recruiting with slight preferences as follows:
Healers: Monk, Shaman, Druid
2x DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Strength DPS
Tank: Pref Non-warrior

Current Progress
6/6 MSV Heroic
6/6 HoF Heroic
2/4 ToES Heroic

Cataclysm Progress
Tier 13 - 8/8 HC (finished @5% c. World 495 at the time)
Tier 12 - 7/7 HC (pre 4.3), (6/7 pre nerf)
Tier 11 - 13/13 HC - pre 4.2

Some Kill & other Videos
MOP Recruitment Video - MoP Trailer - Santa Maria of EU-Kazzak
Will Heroic - Santa Maria 1st Heroic -- Will of the Emperor kill -- Elemental Shaman POV
"Our retarded warrior being retarded" - http://en.twitch.tv/zengatheshaman/c/1800692
Garajal Heroic - Gara'jal 10 heroic - Holy Paladin PoV
Garalon Heroic - Santa Maria vs. Garalon 10m HC
+ lots more on those channels

Madness HC - Santa Maria [EU KAZZAK] vs Madness of Deathwing HC
Blackhorn HC - [EU Kazzak] Santa Maria vs Blackhorn HC 10 (holy paladin)
Ragnaros HC w/ worst pull ever - Santa Maria [Kazzak EU] vs Ragnaros 10 Heroic
Domo HC - Santa Maria [EU KAZZAK] vs Majordomo HC

Guild Philosophy and what we expect from applicants/raiders
In SM, we do our best to be clear of what we plan and what we want. This includes a variety of topics including raid schedule, next progression bosses, recruiting needs, boss strategies, performance discussions, etc.

Because of our light raiding schedule, we believe that preparation outside of the raid instance is equally as important as good performance while raiding. Therefore, it is expected that our raiders stay current on their classes, actively read for tips on encounters, and have a good idea of a progression boss/strategy before we even set foot inside the raid. We value everyone's opinion and encourage open communication among members to try to find good solutions to raid issues, to plan effective loot distribution, etc.

We use a loot council, where we require our raiders to create and maintain "BiS-lists" to aid in loot distribution. This helps allocating loot to those who can make the most out of it.

Finally, we have a number of strong personalities and old raiders/social members who are regularly active in the guild. Therefore we require that all members integrate socially into the guild to maintain an enjoyable guild atmosphere.

Raiding Days (all times Server Time i.e. CET):
- Thursday 22:00-01:00
- Sunday 22:00-01:00 & 19:00-21:00 (only when needed during progression)
- Monday 22:00-01:00

We try to be strict in raiding three days per week but will sometimes add a fourth if people are especially horny for progress (recently, we have added an earlier slot on sundays for some farm content or specific progress if necessary). We are looking for players who can, more often than not, raid all three regular raid days (real life happens, we get it). Also, if you can't handle being sat as part of a fair raiding rotation or for very specific comp reasons on progress kills, then we aren't the right guild for you.

To Apply
Please visit our website: http://jdlferreira.com/santa-maria. On our forums, you will find our application template and more information on the guild.
Feel free to also jump onto Kazzak and speak with an officer (Valheru, Holysquire, Kaytemoss, Ghostoftompa) or any guild member!