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  • Vanilla WoW

    8 3.29%
  • The Burning Crusade

    87 35.80%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    98 40.33%
  • Cataclysm

    6 2.47%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    44 18.11%
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    Which expansion is your favourite?

    I totally love Mists of Pandaria. For me this expansion is really good but still my favourite one is The Burning Crusade. What about you?

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    Elemental Lord ParanoiD84's Avatar
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    Wrath of the Lich King, enjoyed the pvp the most and it had great raids.

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    Wrath of the lich king, pandaria is fun too though

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    Vanilla was something we have not seen before. So to me, it was the best. Everything else was copy paste replaced with new skins and numbers. But that's how expansions works (Vanilla is not expansion btw).
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    Cataclysm. I'm not much if a raider(yet) so to me it was a pretty good expansion.
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    Pit Lord aztr0's Avatar
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    Vanilla WoW isn't an expansion. Anyways, LK 1, Cata 2, BC 3, MoP 4

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    i realy enjoyed the dark atmosphere.
    the game died with arthas imo, though i do still play.

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    High Overlord Tureni's Avatar
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    I really really like MoP. IMO it's the best expansion so far. I really liked Wrath too, but the sheer volume of things to do on my main in MoP has me convinced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aztr0 View Post
    Vanilla WoW isn't an expansion. Anyways, LK 1, Cata 2, BC 3, MoP 4
    I know its not an expansion but I thought it should be in this poll.

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    TBC and Vanilla and tiny bit of Wotlk just for the Ulduar. Rest is pure crap.

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    BC, although my MOP experience is vicarious.

    I miss things being 'difficult'. Season 5 of arena in LK was hilarious though. DK's 2 shotting people for lulz.

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    WotlK, by far. Start of cataclysm wasn't bad either, enjoyed the raids and heroics weren't a complete pushover. After that cataclysm went downhill, very fast.
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    I will not vote for MoP until its over, even though I love it the most, I will just pick my second favourite behind it being Wrath of the Lich King. For me being a Lore nut it was great for me lore.
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    For me its BC.Although people hated it since most of it was a grind fest,i am one who actually enjoyed it.U also had a new world to discover back then which was a first,new proffs,flying mounts,cool raids(even though some were "locked" behind attunements they totally worth it),the items(i hope u all agree with me but the BC items were amazing looking;heck even the quest items were alot better looking than most of other expansions-looking at u "the burning crusader")
    Most of the items in WotLK were pretty much ugly to me (that stonish-metalish style) or cata with that fiery theme.Even some of the Vanilla WoW items were eclipsing the best looking items of those 2 xpacs.
    End raid villains were so badass with Illidan ahead.Personally i enjoy more a normal sized boss( even better if its an end of expansion boss ) like Illidan,Kael or Lich King than a big arse one like DW ( even though his fight consisted of 2 fights-spine+madness ) or Raggy.
    Personally BC also had one of the best raids to date (Karazhan) by having all of the boss fight mechanics so diverse and epic,and the place looks amazing,followed by BT.
    I have no problem with MoP and tbh its better than Cata,but until now the raids were a letdown.I saw the Throne of Thunder raid and i hope that will change.

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    The Undying Winter Blossom's Avatar
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    Wrath of the Lich King

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    Merely a Setback Kangodo's Avatar
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    Hard to say.
    I loved TBC because it was where I started raiding and had my first guild.
    After that I only raided half of WotLK but I loved ICC and the story, mostly because WC3 was my first Warcraft experience.
    On the other hand I really think Mists of Pandaria is their best expansion so far, but I enjoy it less since I can't raid anymore.

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    Scarab Lord Lord Pebbleton's Avatar
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    MoP is awesome for the amount of things one can do every day.
    WotLK was the best developed expansion in my opinion, best atmosphere in WoW.
    I'll go with MoP anyway, because we still have to see how it develops and i want to support it.

    (TBC is at the bottom of my list.)

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    TBC was the expansion I got into heavy raiding, and really took to the game, so for me it will always be my most memorable time, due to the fun I had with my guildies/friends.

    However as Expansions go I'd have to say WOTLK had me playing even more than TBC and I was really into my alts and felt it was the most alt friendly expansion, which for me at that point (seeing as I was cutting back on raiding in wotlk) had huge appeal. I also level capped all 9 of my toons in WOTLK and played them all (gearing them etc)

    Cata I felt like once i hit level cap I just had 0 progression routes that were fun or fast, for not being able to play as long as I did, for me this expansion just didn't do it for me, I only capped 3 toons to max level during this expansion, and never bothered trying to gear them.

    MoP, so far having a blast, have lots to do, and LFR is great! currently have 3 of my toons level capped and am actually gearing them! But I also some days just come on to do my pet dailies, or level some pets, or run LFR, or do some normal dailies, etc. I feel I have alot more choice in MoP. So MoP could well replace WOTLK for me, but it's still too early to say for sure Will see if my enthusiasm over the expansion increases or declines

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    WotLK. <3

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