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  • Vanilla WoW

    8 3.29%
  • The Burning Crusade

    87 35.80%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    98 40.33%
  • Cataclysm

    6 2.47%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    44 18.11%
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    I'm not willing to rule on MoP when 5.3 isn't on the PTR.

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    It was the best expansion imho. Great raids, great atmosphere.

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    I started in wrath. Got into the lore of wrath very quickly, which its incorporation of the races and their wars, the scourge, and the titans, made it easier. Questing was engaging and let me get to know the face of my enemy very quickly. Dailies, even though there were quite a few, didn't seem to be as taxing. The token system was a little annoying and over done till they established Justice Points. But, the only "raiding" I ever did, was a 3-hour painfully-slow adventure into Ulduar, only to end up killing Ironscale, XT, and Leviathan and have to quit because our pugs ran out of time. I also did OS a few times. Overall? 8.5/10

    Cata was great raiding experience (for me) where I actually got to do some on a regular basis. But the dailies became a pain when trying to balance all the TB and Firelands dailies. The general lore I found to be rather bland, even with the titan and old god aspects to it. It made gearing my main and alts, as well as leveling, quite fast and thus, more enjoyable. I did, however, get very bored until the last couple months before MoP. Overall? 7.5/10

    MoP I've had mixed feelings about. Now that I've finally gotten all (except the prince) rep up to exalt on my main, I've been focusing on different reps on my alts depending upon their professions (i.e. my enchanter goes for Lotus, Shado, and Celestials, JC for Order, etc.), which has made the painful rep grinding less arduous. Gearing, however, has been annoying with my frustration at LFR loot (yes I know the system is technically the same and avoids ninja'ing, but the mindset of this annoying system is still prevalent) and the valor cap. Also, despite the shortness of the MoP dungeons, I feel like I'm not even getting nearly enough valor from the runs. Again, maybe it's just a mindset thing. But despite these annoyances, I've been totally immersed in the MoP lore and questing (not dailies) which has incorporated not only new lore, but also strengthened and enhanced the old lore of the Titans, Legion, Trolls, and Old Gods. I've also enjoyed the small bits of PvP incorporated into questing, and the overall war between the Horde and Alliance. Most of us may hate Garrosh for his character, but as our newest scape goat he's been a gift from the gods for storyline. Hopefully, with Thunder King's release, I will be slight less skeptical of this expansion. I believe it has the potential to be the best (for me). So far? 8.5/10
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    WotLK will always have a special place because it was just so awesome fighting against Arthas and the Scourge.

    MoP is a very close second though. I'm in love with Pandaria. The music and the setting is just wonderful.

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    TBC, no contest but WOTLK is close up there. It had its moments, sadly WOTLK had some things done badly (TOC, ICC 10-12? months of boredome and so on) quit bad, so it dosen't reach TBC potential.

    There was never a day I was really bored inn TBC imo.
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    From worst to best:


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    TBC > vanilla >>> WotLK >>> Cata >>>>>>>>>> MOP

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    I had some trouble deciding but eventually voted for Wrath but I really liked all parts of WoW except maybe Cata (especially the second half of it). MoP is doing good so far and I might have voted that in a similar poll in another 6 months, but they all had their high points.
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    i started playing during BC, and i hated the fact i was unable too catch raiding wise. when WotLK came i had tons of fun since i was able too raid and we did pretty well.
    cataclysm at the start was lots of fun, but i got stale especially after firelands that was followed by Dragon soul.
    Mists of Pandaria so far offered me as much fun as i had in WotLK and the Raiding so far is really good also and im looking forward too 5.2 which feels like it might become Ulduar awesome.

    so for now i would say MoP is my favorite.

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    Funny how many that like wrath me included, i remember there was shit tons of threads when cata launched that wrath was by far the worst expansion yet, i guess that's how it goes with all expansions.

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    Wrath first, TBC second. Wrath had the best overall atmosphere, largely helped by the constant presence of the Lich King and the Scourge through the levelling zones. It also had, to me, the best levelling experience overall (I can see how it got tedious for people doing it a dozen times, but I've always been fairly limited on how many alts I level). I also still love the armor designs, Howling Fjord music, and a lot of the zone designs (Storm Peaks, and to a slightly lesser extent Icecrown, are the only quest zones I've considered flying to actually work well in).

    TBC was my first expansion, and I loved a lot of the environments and artwork (aside from some of the crazy, totally non-matching armor). I still pause in Hellfire just to turn my camera up and just look at the sky art. Karazhan is also still one of the best-designed (from an artistic standpoint) zones in the game.

    Mists is shaping up pretty well, but as others have noted, I can't really judge it this early on. Still don't think it has as good an atmosphere as Wrath and it's a little too... Bright in some places, but the actual content and artwork are fun and nice-looking. Not a huge fan of the armor designs so far, though.

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    I'm enjoying MoP but, Burning Crusade will always be my favorite. It welcomed in some of my favorite zones and holds the most memories for me given it might just be the nostalgia.
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    BC for sure. I never really got anywhere (Kara was as far as I raided, and 1800 was a great arena accomplishment >.<), but I was never bored.

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    Wrath of the Lich King. This expansion had the best lore, zones, characters, quests, dungeons (maybe not better than vanilla ones), raids and atmosphere.

    From best to worst:

    WotLK > TBC > Vanilla > MoP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cata

    I like how the poll results have pretty much always the same outcome. WotLK with slightly more votes than TBC, MoP being pretty much half the votes that WotLK has, and vanilla and Cata having very few votes.

    Lol at the 2 votes that Cata has btw :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganker View Post
    I totally love Mists of Pandaria. For me this expansion is really good but still my favourite one is The Burning Crusade. What about you?
    I honestly like all of them. They all have their ups and downs, but I like MoP the most due to Cooking/Fishing stuff being paid attention to.

    Also we get new models at some freaking point!

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    Mists and Wrath easy.
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    I accidentally voted for Cata. Meant to vote for MoP.

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    Wrath was my favorite though MoP is rising in the ranks.

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    You can't compare vanilla to an expansion...classic was a full game that took 5 years to build and perfect, expansions just build on that game.

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    Burning Crusade I started back then

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