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  • Vanilla WoW

    8 3.29%
  • The Burning Crusade

    87 35.80%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    98 40.33%
  • Cataclysm

    6 2.47%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    44 18.11%
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    Wrath Of The Lich King - Best raiding, dailies weren't a pain, dungeons were challenging at the beginning, faceroll near the end, but stayed fun for some reason.

    Fond memories <3
    I do remember during that expansion everyone saying it was awful, but looking at the poll I find this comical.
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    As Im sure its been said my Ret Paladin adored Wrath!
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    Wotlk was the perfect expansion for me. I was hooked from start because we got to fight Arthas at some point - the lore was fantastic and kept you listening instead of trying to skip past it. I loved the dungeons especially pit of saron, desperatly hoping for the quest item for the sword to drop.

    Ulduar changed my views regarding raiding in WoW, it was a breath of fresh air - so was Icecrown Citadel, loved the mechanics and lore and fighting Arthas himself.

    It was also my first time doing arena on my hunter which was somewhat balanced midways in the expansion, unlike now where some classes can burst you down in 3-4 secs.

    Cataclysm still haunts me though - even though MOP is decent I can't help but feel that raids aren't as really as they used to be. It's like everything went to shit when the main developers went to Project Titan whatever that is.
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    I think both WotLK and MoP is awesome. Both expansions have delivered on quest experience and endgame content. However, since WotLK ended disappointing (>1year with 3.3) and we haven't seen even half of MoP content yet I think I'll go for MoP.

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    Close with BC and WotLK, but I think BC edges out for me.

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    I like MoP and I have a sweet spot for WotLK artistically (sounds, sights, lore).
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    BC. It's when I was the most hardcore in my game's history and being a Warcraft 2 player, I could finally see Outland and the old heroes. Danath in Honor Hold, Khadgar in Shattrath and Kurdran in Shadowmoon... but no Turalyon or Alleria. Oh and that music that plays in Honor hold? So nostalgic, tragic and remorseful. Great raids, the introduction of arena, heroics that were actually hard and nearly all the content was made available right away. We just had to improve enough and beat it. Karazhan and Black temple remain my favourite raids.

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    I voted TBC cos Icecrown was to long...... like ages of farming same stuff
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    Why is the ''favorite expansion'' thread so much less unpopular than the ''least favorite expansion'' thread ?

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    Funny, so far LK is the most, it was the peak of Subs, and yet publicly most say that LK was the worst and ruined WOW
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    TBC/Vanilla >>> WotLK > MoP >>> Cata
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    tbc, mostly just out of nostalgia. good times.

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    For many, it will pretty much be when you first started WoW. So, it will fall under either BC or Wrath. True story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    For many, it will pretty much be when you first started WoW. So, it will fall under either BC or Wrath. True story.
    Pretty much. I started in BC and that was my favorite expansion.

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    WotLK wasn't THAT good for me. It was OK.

    Naxx rehash and ToC and faceroll heroics spoiled the fun.

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