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    Some class advice + scroll of res?

    So I'm looking to return to wow, i stopped playing in Cata purely organically since i noticed i wasn't logging in any more and wasn't interested in the content. I pretty much play PVP and that's it - Arena being my favourite time sink. So my Class options are:

    Death Knight

    Does anyone have any experience with the strengths/roles of each class in arene for these 5 options?

    Also i believe I'm eligible for a Scroll of Res - but no one i know plays WoW any more. Do i need to be battle.net friends to get a scroll from someone, or can anyone send me one? If its the later, any invites are welcome

    I'm in EU servers btw!

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    Rogue: don't go there untill patch 5.2
    Priest: is doing fine. Not sure in arena though (talking about shadow as disc priest is rarely played in arena)
    Mage: have seen mages destroy and I've been outsustaining some as a rogue. Hard to judge
    Hunter: One of the most OP classes atm, on a second place after warrior. Works decent with warrior as well so yeah.
    DK: Not too bad, frost hits like a truck and I've seen some nasty bloods. Think they are the best rBG flag carry now. Works great with Warrior and Holy Pala for the good old, free 2200 rating, TSG.

    Everyone can send you a scroll, however they will need your email (real ID I think).

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    We don't allow "Choose my class for me" threads here. The decision is personal and yours to make

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