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    In the upcoming iOS7 operating system for most of the handheld devices by Apple, what kind of BIG features would you like to see? Personally, iOS6 was a preety bad update and had many, small and useless features... What kind of features would you like to see in iOS7?

    Here are some I would enjoy:

    - Passwords for folders and individual apps
    - A brand new multitasking interface and how it works
    - Make the lock-screen more useful by adding widgets (Clean looking widgets that go with the simple apple theme)
    - Themes or moving wallpapers and backgrounds
    - More customization in total... what colors for your task bars, scroll bars, hide/show app names (many things that you can do with a jailbreak without the need to jailbreak the phone, seeing as Apple isnt so fond of it)

    Any others?

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    What's so bad about iOS6 other than the Maps app that nobody has to use since Gmaps is available for d/l. Anyways, I am using both iOS6 jailbroken and Jellybean 4.2.1 on a custom rom at the moment. I still find myself enjoying the simple and just works approach of Apple. For my GS3, the stock rom was filled with bloatware and functionality was pretty bleh. I am getting used to my Android now, I kept wanting to switch back to my iPhone when I first made the switch. The current rom I am using made the GS3 more enjoyable.

    Anyways, here are my ideas for iOS7, and they pretty much derive from the current tweaks I have on my iPhone.
    Merge: So that 1 contact with multiple numbers and email will be 1 contact when you text, and not separated in different texts.
    biteSMS: Quick reply to text from lockscreen or anywhere.
    Barrel: Different scrolling animations, so its not just a bland switch from page to page.
    Notification center is still lacking, rarely use it and could better.

    There's probably more, but Apple doesn't listen to customers anyways, they'll do what they feel like doing.

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