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    <Essence> 10M - 13/16HM - LF R-DPS & HEALS - Immediate Core Spots

    Essence is a 10M raiding guild on Cho'gall (PvP).

    Looking for skilled, dedicated players who are committed to raiding and give 100% while there. Our group consists of people who retain rankings throughout tiers and have raided in top 50 US guilds. If you're a competitive player who can stay focused and enjoys a friendly atmosphere - get in touch. There's no room for obnoxious, irritable, or elitist attitudes in our raid. We are a semi-serious progression guild, but we play to have fun, so take the drama somewhere else. There's are immediate openings and we will do what we can to get the right recruits over to our server to begin raiding immediately.

    - Gear must be optimally gemmed, enchanted and reforged
    - Mumble and a working microphone
    - Near perfect attendance
    - Skill to perform within the top percentiles of your class
    - High raid awareness and quick reactions to changing situations
    - Fast learner; recognize when mechanics can be used to your advantage
    - Ability and willingness to play multiple classes and specs
    - Ability to take criticism and the desire to improve those areas
    - Ability to recognize, own up to, and not repeat your own mistakes
    - Knowledge of your class - inside and out.

    6/6H - MSV
    6/6H - HoF
    1/4N - ToES

    Raid time:
    (PST) 5pm-9pm
    (CST) 7pm-11pm
    (EST) 8pm-12pm

    Raid Days:
    Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday

    Looking For <Priority>:

    Shaman <<high>>
    Druid <<high>>
    Priest <<high>>
    Pally <<high>>
    Monk <medium>

    Mage <<high>>
    Warlock <<high>>
    Boomkin <<high>>
    Ele Shaman <high>>
    SPriest <<high>>

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    Still looking for awesome Resto Shaman.

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