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    Handing out Dota 2 invites to whoever wants one

    I have 13 invites that I am giving away, reply with the email your steam account is registered to, or add me to your steam friend list "klorehore".
    Take care.

    P.S don't add me if you already have a key registered to your account, I am not able to mail over keys to someone who already redeemed a key on their account. If you want a key for your friends or whatever, have them add me or leave me their email so I can send it directly.

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    You could just use the normal steam trading window to give someone who already owns dota2 another or even multiple keys.
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    I keep getting an error message when trying to trade a key with someone who already owns a copy of the game

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    Hey, Thanks for doing this,

    Been playing both league and dota for a while now, can't wait to try out dota2. I added you on steam btw. Account name is korjscott1
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    added you on steam friends

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