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    [PvP] What comp to play next season. 3v3

    Hey guys

    My arena mate is rerolling to mage next season, and we're not quite sure what combo to roll with it, I got a bunch of chars to play on with him, but got a hard time deciding what to choose.

    What I got on hand at the moment:
    Pala (Main at the moment)
    DK (second "main)
    Warr (Gathering alt)
    All got full PvP gear, though only the pala got full Malevolent.

    So we're pretty new to PvP this season, been doing it casual and been at 1.6k-1.9k in 2v2/3v3. But we want to push it even higher now with this new season. But we got pretty much no clue what combos are good and not.
    I've been thinking of RMP, but heard priests are getting alot of nerfs?
    Any suggestions would be welcome
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    Disc will be fine even with the phantasm nerf. The 2 extra glyph choices + gear scaling and a few other changes really help.

    As for shadow, the devouring plague burst nerf got reverted. They are still getting the offheal nerfs, but they will still have grip/life swap/MD and shields for an excessive amount of defensive utility as a dps.

    RMP will be really good with top level players, but I think mages will get cleaved down to easily.
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