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    Quote Originally Posted by Xihuitl View Post
    please dont just spout total crap.
    Not surprising that I'm getting attacked personally for my views, but actually it's true...a fresh 80 toon could become raid-ready for current content within a week.
    Again, I just disagree with that model. And I'm glad it is no longer possible under the current design of the game.

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    I say Cata. It was not a horrible expansion but definitely the worst so far. It did bring some good stuff like transmog, reforge, archeology, LFR, void storage, Vashj'ir, Deepholm, vanilla zones remade. The leveling was Okish but the zones had no connection with each other in terms of land or story. Raid tier 11 was great and had interesting instances and bosses. Firelands was also good, especially heroic Ragnaros, but it felt like we should have had more bosses in Firelands or a whole other, smaller raid instance to go with it. It was with the release of Dragon Soul raid that the Cataclysm expansion really dropped. The raid instance was too bland and unspired. The zone itself was mostly a copy-paste from Dragonblight. There was not enough bosses (especially since the raid instance was meant to keep us occupied until MoP) and the ones we had were not really interesting. Deathwing was a poor main antagonist compared to the Lich King. We barely got to even see him. He was nothing more but another dumb dragon. His fight and death were both lame and could have been so much more epic. The whole expansion had a lot of potential, but Blizzard scrapped a lot of ideas and grew lazy. I guess part of the reason was because they had to redo all the classic WoW zones and their quests.

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    TBC > WotLK > MoP(pretty bad) > Cata(by far the worst)

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    Cata for me although I'm not counting classic but it's really hard for me to rate vanilla; I had a ton of fun back then, but I think a huuuuge portion of that was the novelty.

    Cata implemented a lot of great new features but was lacking in fun and exciting end-game content. It was the only time in the history of WoW where I've ever logged in and felt bored.
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    Cataclysm. Sad expansion.

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    Most poeple I know prefered wrath whilst it was current, prefered it in cata and still prefer it.

    Anecdotal, and unscientific evidence admittedly, but then again so is yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norjak View Post
    Not surprising that I'm getting attacked personally for my views, but actually it's true...a fresh 80 toon could become raid-ready for current content within a week.
    Again, I just disagree with that model. And I'm glad it is no longer possible under the current design of the game.

    you are not being personally attacked. but it remains a fact what you posted was BS.

    what you posted was:
    "Too many things became faceroll, and the ease of getting gear negated most of the progression. A fresh 80 could within a week easily catch up to players who busted their butt to grind gear from raids"
    which was not true. A new player could get up to the penultimate level of gear pretty quickly, which was a great thing. I can only assume you missed out on raiding in TBC and the massive issues with catchup at the end of the expansion.
    The catch up in wrath did not "negate most of the progression" or anything similar.
    The only raid content that matters is current teir. Everything else is outdated. If you hated being able to get to T8 quickly when T9 was current, then I assume you hate that people just skip over T1-7 to? Outdated content is outdated, and people should be able to get to an entry level into current content asap. Which is all that wrath did.
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    BC>WotLK>MoP>Cata. BC and LK were both really good expansions in my eyes. MoP has sucked so far but it has not nearly been as bad as Cata was.

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    MoP has absolutely the worst PVP I have ever seen in wow. Shame the systems/balance team dropped the ball, because the art and story aspects of MoP are really good. First time I have unsubbed for more than two weeks since vanilla is right now, and its certainly not that im just sick of the game, because I loved cata.

    Also a shoutout to wotlk for bringing us the amazing social-shredding LFD system.

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    Cata. It hyped me more than any other expansion, but didn't really deliver.

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    TBC was the expansion they took a game that was doing well and ironed out a lot of bugs/issues, gave us a tonne of stuff extra to do, kept the story interesting and thus is generally perceived as the one that set the bar.
    A lot of people joined in wrath, the ease of access WAS undoubtedly a reason for this, the story though was decent. They added a LOT of polish to existing systems, tried a few new ideas and put out some of their best raids.

    This is why you get one of these 2 being listed as favourites. The first is favourite amongst "old" players, wrath is preferred by the group that started playing during it.

    Cata tried to go hardcore which pissed off a lot of the wrath playerbase while not providing enough content compared to what we'd seen previously which pissed off the old school. They had to do it, the old world needed the facelift cata brought but it was a painfully "empty" expansion as a result so will be most peoples worst.

    So MoP - it's cool to hate the current expansion but I think this will generally go down as the 2nd best. It has all the systems built up over the last few expansions done pretty well, it's got a LOT of decent boss fights in the raids (so far and I think thunder king will be up there with Ulduar for raid content) and is otherwise fairly well balanced. Yes, dailies suck but there's not really masses you can do to alternate it, you end up mindlessly repeating something or doing nothing till more content is released.
    The pace they are going with patches is one that's likely going to see them good, they've got all the groundwork done to be able to focus on good content and I really think once the few (IMO fairly blinkered) people get over "lol, panda's" or "I hate the Asian theme" it's going to go down as one of their better efforts.

    For me its:
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    I don't see why MoP is even an option on these polls. The expansion is largely still ongoing and as we know from Ulduar, it only takes one solid tier to make an expansion.

    As for the worst, its clearly Cataclysm. The expansion looked great on paper, but Blizzard bit off way more than they could chew. So much was scrapped.

    Not to mention the patch content was awful. 4.1 was very disappointing and even worse, 4.3 felt like a horrible conclusion the expansion. It was certainly not on par with the Sunwell or ICC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xihuitl View Post
    Most poeple I know prefered wrath whilst it was current, prefered it in cata and still prefer it.

    Anecdotal, and unscientific evidence admittedly, but then again so is yours.
    I don't see how previous poll's canvassing the opinion of the members of MMO-C is anecdotal. Wrath was generally disliked by the Vanilla and TBC raiding generation when it was current and for the first year of Cataclysm. Sometimes you need distance to appreciate the good things about something and I believe that this is true for successive WoW expansions.

    You watch in 8 months time people will be talking about Heroic Rag, Heroic Spine and Sinestra with fondness and pining for the return of these kind of encounters. Most people HATED ICC at the end of wrath, having been stuck with it for over a year. Now it's lauded as one of the better raids. Time has a way of changing people's view on things.

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    I started in vanilla and when cata hit I was happy wrath was over. Looking at them both cata was much worse than wrath for me, bc was the peak for me. I quit in mists but I don't feel it was worse than cata (at the moment), I was just burned out.

    You will always see most hates for the last expansion, it's freshest in our minds. Maybe people will find mists afterwards, some will some wont. It's easy to say that won't happen because mists is an improvement or whatever - but everyones going to remember a 10 month dry-spell before the new expansion when the only thing left is the balance issues and nerfed content.

    @Rhyseh people have talked about heroic rag, and to some extent sinestra, with fondness since they were ingame. That is no evidence at all.

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    in cata i can level an alt in 7 days and gear him to enter in lfr, now i can't.

    nuff said, this xpax sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    I think this current one is going to be my least favourite, and only because of increasing "fuck off if you dont raid/LFR"-thing. Everything else is very good.
    Lol? you have more to do this expansion if you don't raid than ever before. Scenarios, challenge modes, etc. Not to mention all the pvp stuff is still available to do I'm not sure what more you really want as there's more than ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eike View Post
    in cata i can level an alt in 7 days and gear him to enter in lfr, now i can't.

    nuff said, this xpax sucks
    Cause you have to put in some effort before you can get carried in lfr? Not a very good example of why it's bad.

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    I'd say MoP is the worst. For people who complain that old WoW was similar but people burned out, just compare those two periods. People miss good times, because WoW was an adventure, now days it is what ? Content based on dailies, and everything is instant. It is completely different game. I canceled my sub on january, and i didn't stop playing because i hate MoP and dailies sillyness, but game mechanics which is way too easy which is no fun. IF Blizzard thought they will attract new players more, if they remove trainers etc etc, maybe they will attract few, but they will lose more, and they lose people who they should respect the most. I sense in fact Blizz is burned out, they pick easy way, make up some dull story and give zillion of dailies which reward poor rep, YEAH that is huuuuge effort, if you really thought Greg Street i will take part in this crap, you mad man, you mad. I've had amazing times in WoW, now i wouldn't call it WoW anymore, they should rename it. I play 4v4 in W3, nice thing is still tons of people playing it, incredible fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harakhte View Post
    (2) I am really curious (and always have been) about the Cata hate. I suspect a large percentage of it is from players who started in Wrath, and dislike the drastic change Cata took on Wrath design. If there were a way to do it, I wish I could poll just those who have played since Vanilla/early-BC and see if the large Cata percentage drops to more even w/Wrath (as I suspect currently it might).
    I started BC, and I wasn't impressed with Cata's design. Dragon Soul was "meh."

    I also didn't like how Cata revealed how lazy our playerbase is. "WAH! HEROICS ARE HARD NERF OR I QUIT!" So they nerf them. Because Ozruk was hard to tank or something (try moving out of Ground Slam, morons.) So now, because of this, because we can't have semi-difficult heroics or the QQers who want Wrath-style faceroll fest heroics will leave, we can't have semi-difficult heroics.

    I'm not talking BC hard, mind you. Just something that would at least require that I do more than cast PoM every eight seconds to keep a tank alive.
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    having a lot of time =\= putting effort in what you do.
    blizz spent 2 xpac promoting alt leveling and now you cant have more than 3 chars at a decent level because...well...not everyone is a college student.
    "some effort"? lol at least a month of dailies is "some effort"? well i really think you are a lucky boy.

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    They nerf all things in recent years, because they don't want to lose money that is Gregs Street Policy, but that is path to nowhere. Subs will be going down fast.

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    burning crusade is easily the worst.

    illidan? ruined. kael'thas? ruined. draenei lore? retconned. eredar lore? retconned. sargeras origin lore? retconned. me'dan? caused by the burning crusade. garonas origin story? retconned. naga collecting swamp water? never explained. khadgar? old Alliance hero, did nothing but sit with a windchime and cry about medivh while neutral. alleria and turalyon? didnt even show up. their son? did nothing but walk back and forth asking for his parents.

    burning crusade had so much potential but it was wasted horribly. they fumbled over storylines and ruined good characters for the sake of having flashy names as raid bosses and basically retconned huge swaths of lore because they thought it was "cool" and wanted to give the alliance a demon looking race.

    mists lore is like a Shakespearean magnum opus compared to the writing in burning crusade
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