View Poll Results: What is your favorite color?

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  • Red

    42 17.50%
  • Orange

    19 7.92%
  • Yellow

    8 3.33%
  • Green

    57 23.75%
  • Blue

    87 36.25%
  • Purple

    38 15.83%
  • Black

    61 25.42%
  • White

    12 5.00%
  • Brown or Gray

    10 4.17%
  • Other

    14 5.83%
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Thread: Favorite Color?

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    Was always green. Reason why I liked green for most of my life is because it's the color of Link's tunic from The Legend of Zelda and those are my most favorite games and my most favorite video game character of all time ever since I was a kid. I also like other shades of green like jade.
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    Puuuuurple the color of EPIX!!!
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    Now that I think of it.. I don't even have a favorite color /:

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    Blue. It is a lovely colour, nice and calming and has many contrasting tones and colours that make it very suitable for websites, backgrounds and edges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Valen~ View Post
    It would have been awesome if the poll matched the coloros represented...
    lol I know! I wish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkuri View Post
    Black is NOT a color. It's a shade.
    I know this, but it's worth putting in the poll. Just use some common sense lol

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    Mine is sky blue because it reminds me of the beautiful blue skies I used to see as a child growing up. We don't get summers like that here anymore...
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    Green, Blue and Pink

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    Blue because reminds me of water. But I don't like the ocean >_>

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    black and purple. It doesn't remind me of anything, I just like these colors the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    Orange and Purple are my two favorite colors! I look so damn fancy in them aswell.
    Those are tough colors to pull off. I'd like to see some pictures of that at some point :P

    Black and Blue for me. If I could only wear one color though, it would be black.

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    Green ftw!

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    Probably red. Crimson red to be more exact.

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    A tie between red and blue so I went with purple long ago. Mainly because I am too lazy to pick and choose, why not go with both?
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    I've always been a fan of blue. Sometimes I wish it was something else just so I can be a special snowflake ;P

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    Blue looks better on me, but my favourite color is a nice, dark green.
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    Any of the darker colors. It fits my white skin better than lighter colors. Can't have a white guy with a white shirt or a black guy with a black shirt. Need some contrast to look smexy
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    I fricken love it.

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    Purple, then maybe blue.

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    Purple for me. But yellow also holds value for me, it was my favorite when I was younger.
    Seems it's common to lose interest in yellow as you get older though. It's some psychological thing, probably due to a change of personality as you mature.

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    Orange.Specifically, dat rust orange.

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