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    Good idea for an MMO

    Greece myth mmo
    Detailed character customization
    Level 1-10 beginning
    At level 10 choose main calling
    (Same old)
    Mage. Archer. Warrior thief
    Level 20 mission to mt. Olympus choose your godly power
    Zeus-grants lightning and air powers
    Poseidon-water abilities and fishing bonuses
    Ares- PVP benefits mainly PVP less. Money on PVP gear
    Demeter- earth abilities and farming bonuses
    Athena-healing and crafting bonuses on Mage armor
    Hestia- fire abilities and architecture bonuses
    Apollo-healing bard bonuses on alchemy and dps
    Artemis-forest abilities bonuses on wood crafting
    Aphrodite- dps divine damage
    Hephaestus- fire damage and black smithing bonuses
    Hermes- theif abilities fishing bonuses
    Hades-death abilities and death pet
    Game modes-
    Team vs team
    4 team war
    Capture the flag
    Free for all
    (Invasion)defending the keep
    Equipment (mainly for invasion)
    Catapults, powerups, battering rams, giant crossbows, carriages with horses,
    I want the dungeons were not only the monsters are a challenge but everything around it is too. Or you can use your abilities as an advantage to your attacks. I would also like to have booby traps with smart monsters menovering through them.
    Guilds/crew and ships
    Special customizable logo
    Each crew has a main crew ship with the captain/ controller of the ship
    Each person is able to fire cannons and ropes at other ships
    Ability to make cannonballs and and rope shooters
    Major ship battles on seas and on ships
    Many Different types of ships
    From a mini sail boat to massive battle ships
    Open world
    Huge titans and god invasions
    Something new rather than the normal questing.
    Great storyline
    Huge land
    Underworld- at level 40 you can go to the under world were you and many others will have to fight a giant Titan serpent to fight in. You will be accessed to go in or out after you beat him.
    Dungeons will only be available on looking for group if you have been to the dungeon, you will be awarded if u don't use lfg
    Pvp will be available in lfg with
    Max level is 50
    Tell me what you guys think

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    Anyone can come up with ideas, it's the execution that counts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertex705 View Post
    Anyone can come up with ideas, it's the execution that counts.
    Yeah i was about to write this lol.

    This "idea" of yours seems more like a "Okay so i want XX and then....i want XX and OH I ALSO WANT XXXX!"

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    Ehh, its a decent set of ideas tho, i certainly don't recall a Ancient greek mithology mmo .. someone will surely correct me on that.

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    I'm trying to organize my own thoughts on an MMO as well. I have a bevy of ideas... I just need a programmer. Who wants to help me code a game?

    I downloaded RPG maker, but I stare at the coding segments in confusion. I know what I want; I just don't know how to make the programming do it. Approaching a game company with a working model seems like the best way to go about this (with a 1% or less success rate), but you may as well try.

    I would give you advice, but I'm not really in a position to dole it out. :P

    Edit: noooo, I lost my Blade Master title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mekanikos View Post
    Edit: noooo, I lost my Blade Master title.
    But now you've got a Field Marshal title! Just think, in 50 more posts, you'll be a High Overlord!

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