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    Heroic 10 Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Questions

    I'm doing some preparation for this boss as we are going to tackle it next, and have a few questions for you more experienced raiders

    #1 Green attenuation orbs - fast vs. slow
    Most of the time on videos I am seeing these slower green orbs which look like no problem, people are just running in a circle round the boss left/right and the orbs are slower than the discs. Sometimes though there are these faster orbs which mean you can't do it this way and kinda need to dodge inbetween the waves.
    - How often do you see these fast orbs? Every kill? I don't see them every vid.
    - Anything that triggers them specifically or is it random?
    - Any tips for dodging them/recognising it's a fast wave before they start coming?

    #2 To kill or not to kill the echo in P2
    Again most of the vids I've seen involve leaving the echo alone with 1 tank 1 healer while the rest kill the boss, but I've read that killing the echo is also a viable tactic on 10. I wanted to get a bit of perspective of the benefits/disadvantages of each way to decide which to try first.
    - What problems have people come across when trying to leave the echo that made them kill it instead (or vice versa)? Does it simply come down to whether your tank/healer can survive on their own with the echo that long, or was there other things you considered?
    - The tank/healer on their own as I understand it, the hard part is surviving F+V during attenuation? How many F+Vs do you have to CD for (or is it random - if so how many do you need to plan for?). Anything that is particularly good here (I'm reading a lot about BoP - anything else?)

    Thanks for any help!

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lROW0QscOpc <- for orb dancing & DBM should show these days which way to move
    and imo kill the echo. Killing the echo makes last phase alot easier

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    Our 10 man guild killed him last week and we tried both tactics and in the end we decided to use the ignore add tactic, this is what we did:
    In p2 we poped hero+pot+cd and burned the boss directly after the first orb phase the mt(me) draged him into the corner between platform 1 and 3 right next to the piller. At this point the boss cast force, I stay out with the boss while all the raid stands under the bubbles in the middle.
    When he finish force he will use mind control and then spawn the add, the raid free the mc people I drag the boss into the corner and tank him untill orb phase, the ot tanks the add with a healer. The whole raid execpt ot and his healer run into the the corner as far away as we can. This is the place we fight and kill the boss, if you got a paladin use hop on the ots healer on the second force(in p2).

    The reason for dragging the boss into the corner is to make sure we have time to free mc before orbs and make that dance easy. And we want the add to spawn inside the corner so we can almost ignore all his orbs in p2. Make sure you have cd for the ot healer.

    Our logg from kill:
    worldoflogs . com/reports/fn1oblxh1gfh1m2t/sum/damageDone/?s=5922&e=6431

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