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    Choosing between a ret and a mage

    Hello wonderful mmo champ community,
    sorry for another pointless thread but i have a problem. I started playing wow again after dumping my monk a few weeks or months ago.

    Now I'm reading throu the forums and im concerned about ret viabilty, is it really so bad in pvp and pve dmg?

    Im stuck between lvling a mage or paly to 90. Any thoughts?

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    why'd you dump the monk? out of those 3 monk will be most OP next patch.

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    After watching that fat bear bounce around from lvl 1 to 90 and grinding all of the initial dailies and grinds i guess i burned out. Now after starting again i just cant see him anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dajmedol View Post
    sorry for another pointless thread
    Which is why we don't allow "what should I play?" threads because there is not much discussion to be had. You just have to try them both out yourself and pick what you like.


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