View Poll Results: Who wore an all-white suit the best?

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  • Colonel Sanders

    17 21.52%
  • John Travolta

    6 7.59%
  • Ricardo Montalban

    12 15.19%
  • Steve Martin

    2 2.53%
  • Mark Twain

    41 51.90%
  • Tom Wolfe

    1 1.27%
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    Twin fo sho. Big city pimpin

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    As a Child, I always pictured God looking like Colonel Sanders, although James Iha makes a strong argument, in my opinion.

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    Mark Twain looks like a total badass in that photo.

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    Mark Twain does look rather spiffing all in white though. Honourable mention goes to Al Pacino (Scarface), for me, though since he's wearing a red shirt under the jacket, he can't really be a winner.

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    The Twain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robutt View Post
    Best part is that his hands make it look like he's about to say "Oh come on, how am I not on the poll?"

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    Richard Gere in the movie 'An Officer & a Gentleman'. I know it wasn't exactly a 'suit', but seriously, white was his colour man....

    He would have won!
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    None cause they are all terrible in general?
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