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    Tank dps help Vs paladin

    so we are doing will of emp hc, paladin is pulling 95k dps i'm on 45k which is not good considering most tank dmg come from us tanks
    this is log of tries for tonight : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-7p06nsmy73sgjv3k/

    i think my rotation is ok for this fight, keeping block as much as possible, SS and rev on cd, dev in mean time. using bolodbath talent on cd, and i have to keep com shout as we got no priest. We are both equally geared. i know i should reforge to 15% expertise but so far i only see a few glancing melee no dodge/parry.

    Me : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Dharock/simple
    Pala : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...egapala/simple

    Any idea what i'm doing wrong ?

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    Is the pally a haste stacker? Pallies get the same mitigation benefits from stacking haste as they do from mastery and do considerable dps as a result. It may not be what you're doing wrong, but what your pally is doing right.

    Oops, shoulda looked at the link first. Yeah, he's stacking haste. Unfortunately we don't get to benefit from unintended stat stacking.

    Also, you should reforge to attain 7.5 hit, that will help a little but still will not put you on par with him.

    Another thing, your helm covers your beard. Never underestimate the raw damage of a warrior beard.
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    Use Dragon Roar instead. Are you saving heroic leap for "Oh shit!"-situations? Otherwise you should use it at high vengeance. Heroic strike usage should be better also. You can get some off during the combo and still pool rage for when he's done with it. You use glyph of incite, but you never use deadly calm.

    On your 6:25 min try your shield slam doesn't crit once. That's just really bad luck compared with you not using Recklessness here. You can pop it when the bosses spawns and still have it up for execute phase. If you get some execute crits in you will catch a little up with your fellow tank. Even though you use BB on cd it seems to me like the dmg it actually does is a litte low. Maybe you time it poorly fx. when you have low vengeance or something. Never use it during his combo as you wont get any revenge procs. I haven't really studied your logs very deeply though.

    At last, dancing steel is a viable tanking enchant, at least for 10 man.

    Edit: Yeah he's stacking haste but when the boss dies you should still be fairly close.
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    That's funny because on Will I War tank and my friend Pally tanks, we both come out at a dead heat around 95k-97k DPS (always top two for damage done and dps) every single run. We both always get all of our Opportunistic Strikes, usually 15-16 per run.

    I outgear him by a very small percentage. If we were at the same gear level he might be able to pass me by just a couple thousand damage at best. He is haste stacked, I am stam stacked.

    I use bloodthirst too, seems to put out overall more with the 1 min CD vs Avatar. Have 7.5 hit and 7.5 exp, which seems to work well for rage gen and damage sustain. I really hate 15 exp, just can't see where people justify it's benefit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Astealoth View Post
    I really hate 15 exp, just can't see where people justify it's benefit.
    Because having the rage to dump is useful during progression and will save you at times when mastery's RNG wont such as Sha HC

    I'll be staying this way as its just too useful to pass up frankly and any half decent tank will be aswell until we can get meaningful levels of mastery to justify the loss of control of "on demand" survivability

    As for the DPS relating the the OP, I would suggest as already said in dropping shockwave as it being no use on this boss and picking up dragon roar

    One thing I would work on is your shield block uptime as this will have quite a large factor in your DPS as for the most part you are hovering on around 25% uptime
    Aswell as that try and get the caps as already suggested, personally I'd say go all the way to 15% as I've already probably made fairly clear, I find it invaluable to have aswell as boosting your DPS
    Dancing steel will also boost your DPS although not by major amounts but every little helps

    One thing to make sure of is that you are maintaining as much DPS as you possibly can while moving as this is going to be the time that your average DPS will drop the most so you need to keep pumping the numbers while running and if on a dance dragon roar + Bloodbath are just coming off CD at around strike 7+ you should delay using them til you get a decent amount of vengeance again and then use them for the maximum benefit, although this delay will only net you around 2% increase if you do it perfectly throughout the fight, but every little helps ^^

    Last thing is to really just make sure you get all the opportunistic strikes that you possibly can get as this is also a big factor in your DPS

    The paladin is also using two DPS trinkets which will explain why his DPS is a fair bit higher than yours, with the changes in this thread you should be doing more than respectable DPS and shouldn't worry if you don't quite get to his level due to him using those trinkets as it wont be a cause for you wiping anyway
    As you can see from the logs, hes taking a bit more damage than you with a much larger delta
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    Here's my log from our first kill. I have slightly worse ilvl on my gear than you but i do have teh Elegion from Elegon HC...

    When comparing with your best try (try 20) your abilitycount is roughly 50% of mine but your fight length is 60%... So you seem to miss out of almost a minute worth of abilityusage. Are you doing your rotation while dancing at all? Also your shockwave was 0.4% of your total dmg done and my Dragon Roar was 6.7% of mine.

    Making the fight into sub20 also provides you with some execute moments. I saved most of my rage for defence though but managed to get a few off with reck at least for that extra dps boost.

    Oh and you can also compare your "active time" of 82% and my 96%. You are apparently not doing anything for almost a fifth of the fight (again I assume this is during dancing).

    LFR might be of use if you need more practice

    Good luck!

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    Well thanks to advices from here, 91k dps tonight and first kill on first go of the night wasn't paladin tanking but monk who did 100k, 60Mvs 55M dmg
    Thanks for the help

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