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    Bear gear calculator?

    I've been looking for a bear gear calculator of some kind and I can't seem to find anything. I've recently gotten Legguards of Failing Purification from Elite normal Protectors, and I've been wondering if I should keep my 4 set bonus with raid finder gear in all other 4 slots, or if I should go for higher item level and stats with Chestguard of the Nemesis.

    If you have any idea as to how powerful Guardian 4 piece is versus quite a few item levels above please help.

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    Are the legs the only piece you'd be replacing? If so, keep the 4pc.

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    It's better to keep your 4p-LFR gear and not switch to the 503 legs & 496 crafted chest.

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    Thank you for the response. Is there a value I can give our 4 piece set bonus so as to figure out when I should be looking at replacing LFR teir with Heroic non-teir?

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    For those fights where you exclusively use FR (Stone Guard, Lei Shi, Garalon, or Elegon even) you should never replace them except with tier pieces. For everything else I'd wait until you have 2 502+ offset pieces.

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    Thank you again Arielle. I was very lucky tonight and got Heroic Shoulders off of Gara'Jal with our first kill so I can now use the gear.

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