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    Feral or Boomkin

    Which spec, do you believe would be easier for a Rogue such as myself to pick up on? I'm thinking Feral, I have heard though feral is "really hard to learn, and we don't have haste in this tier to be any good." Just trying to get opinions before I choose one


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    Feral is all about buff and debuff up time. If you know how to keep your bleeds and a self buff up and manage combo points you should be fine with feral. I love feral for various reasons; the rotation, such as it is, has been simplified that now energy management separates the good ferals from the greats. There is a lot of room in feral to have awesome DPS and help out your raid.

    I know nothing about boomkin.

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    So essentially it's kind of like subtlety rogues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fellaand View Post
    So essentially it's kind of like subtlety rogues?
    I think that feral will be more suited for you, since it s melee.

    Boomkin is (IMO more fun)l, but I guess - as a former rogue you will have problems with keeping the proper distance,
    and that will screw you up a bit , especially if you pvp.

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    Feral's difficulty is overrated. With a good WeakAuras setup to clearly show buff/debuff uptimes and CDs, even a DoC rotation isn't that hard. I find it really enjoyable because it makes you think and plan ahead a little bit rather than just mashing a rotation and occasionally reacting to procs.

    I've never liked boomkin, but that's just personal preference really.

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    If you are used to Sublety I can promise you that you'll get used with ferals pretty quick. If you have troubles there is nothing from stopping you using Ovale with Leafkiller's script that is inside Neirens ovale script addon.
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    Times when feral had most difficult rotation are over (wotlk), nowadays are boomkins much more complex to play (maybe most).

    Plus its melee vs ranged, if you get used to play rog - its obvious choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ysoph View Post
    Times when feral had most difficult rotation are over (wotlk), nowadays are boomkins much more complex to play (maybe most).
    I wouldn't agree with these constatations, but that's just my oppinion. I play feral btw.

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    I wouldnt recommend boomkin to an unexperienced player. It will be hard to make decent damage if you won't spend a lot of time on learning spec.

    I play moonkin btw.

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    It is hard to tell what spec is hardest it depends on how good you want to be, I play both specs but ofc Feral is my main spec on my main druid and balance is on my alt druid. Let's just not bring this thread into a flaming feast where you say my spec is harder then yours and continue the topic.
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    These is a totally subjective question. No one can predict which you will like better. I suggest starting with the guides as well as other post to make this determination yourself. Closing thread.
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