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    Lmao he is so damn skinny, look at those arms.. I bet hes never worked a hard day in his life.
    And what has that do to with anything?

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    Lmao he is so damn skinny, look at those arms.. I bet hes never worked a hard day in his life. I can't stand the whole fanboyism stuff, these guys play a video game as a career which is pretty sad tbh. We all know WoW pvp is a joke anyway. They better save their money for wrist surgery cuz all these nerds are going to need it.


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    People who live on other people charity irks me so bad...
    Waiters in the US essentially live off the charity of tips - in almost all states (except like, California and Washington?) - minimum wage for them is like ~2-3 dollars/hour in most states: on the assumption that tips will make up the rest. Due to the early industry of professional eSports, donations make more sense than salaried athletes - since there is no distinct league or association that monopolizes their viewership.

    In the long run, due to the nature of viewership of eSports versus previous competitive sports - donations may even become the norm for the industry - even after professional associations appear. eSports are unlikely to ever truly migrate to TV, just because their viewers use computers - I haven't turned my TV on in literally months - it lives in a separate room by itself. Why bother when I have 3 computer monitors (2 pcs), a laptop, an ipad, and a smartphone in my computer room? The amount of screen real estate in my PC room verges on virtual reality - eventually all my walls will just be screens.

    The ability to monopolize viewership of sports to either live stadium attendance, or sports channels on a TV, don't translate to eSports.

    Maybe think of it more like Kickstarter for athletes You invest in the ones you want to support and see succeed
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    These guys work pretty hard (Yes work) and i'm happy for them that sometimes they get a little extra. I probably make a lot more than even the top streamers and i'm also betting they work more total hours than me.

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    Yeah, they have to play whole day to keep up the viewers, so they can get in money from their adds that almost everyone block with some kind of adblock software.
    Then there is a couple of other forms of incomes for them;
    Sponsors - though they mostly just give them stuff, like energy drinks, gaming stuff etc.
    Donations/tips - this is what the everyday streamer gets most of his income from.
    And then there is championships - They have to win competitions etc for the winning price, which can be quite a lot as eSport have become a rather big deal.

    So bitching because someone who managed to make their damn hobby to their main source of income, and manage to live from it, seems like nothing else that a big pile of jealousy. As I bet everyone on this forum is gamers them self, and most likely many of you come home from their boring 9-5 job, tired, eat dinner, then play computer games for like 6 hours straight. So the only difference is that the people who streams gets paid for doing the same that you do, except they don't have to go to a boring job everyday.
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    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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