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    USB Problem

    I have a PSP, and my AC adapter is broken. Now i want to charge the PSP by using the USB, but i get a error message ''The Power Supply from the USB connector is low''. Now i've read that recharging via USB requires USB 2.0, but how do i enable this or such?

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    If your motherboard is new enough it supports USB2.0, there's nothing to do to enable it. USB ports give out really low current so some devices will not charge battery on those and you need an actual USB charger, fortunately those don't cost much, around $10 or so. Pads will not usually charge directly from USB for example, but no clue about new PSP.
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    One thing you can try is if you have an iDevice or something similar, you can use one of the USB plugs with the USB cable, I often do this with friends to save bringing one of the awkward plugs around with me

    Also as far as USB2 goes, if you swing your PC out you should be able to clearly read the sockets on the back, they'll either say USB, USB powered, USB2 or USB2 powered, the choice should be obvious if you find these which you should plug it in, but for the most part PCs/Laptops come with very few USB2 ports if they have them at all, so be prepared to go sniffing around for one rather than it being convenient.
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