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    Afraid of spiders?

    yeah guess which city I don't plan to visit

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    Living in England i used to love spiders i would pick them up and leave them be but when i moved to Arizona i kill them on sight

    I really dont know what are the poisonous ones so i kill them all which is a shame cause im not scare of spiders but iam scared of being bit by one

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    Would love to bring my sister there to see here shriek with pure fear.

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    The Lightbringer Arganis's Avatar
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    When I was a kid I wasn't afraid but now... meh. It's strange when something you didn't fear becomes a fear and there's no apparent reason.
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    A flamethrower! A flamethrower! My kingdom for a flamethrower!
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    As soon as I saw the vid I felt something itch on my foot. I'm creeped out.

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    I would be leaving the house in full bee keeper garb + Dual Flamethrowers. Nothing less.
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    I'm afraid of spiders (just big/hairy ones) but i like Brazil way to much, so i will go there no matter what (Unless a giant nuclear bomb destroy it)

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    No, kept Tarantulas as pets for most of my life, I have 3 spider tattooes.

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    I'm not afraid of spiders and I respect them, but I don't necessarily want to be near them.

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    Why did I click on this before going to bed, why would I click on this we shall see if I sleep tonight. Terrifying stuff. Just like for some reason I use to watch Arachnaphobia... I guess I just hate myself.
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    Yea i think i will never visit brazil, arachnophobia pretty bad since a kid.

    sitting here thinking why did i click the link bad idea

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    I really hate them,whenever I see even a small one,I shiver a bit. And if it's a big one then cold sweat hits me and I feel like itching on my body....god I can't stand them.

    Excuse me, are you saying something? Nah, you can't tell me nothing

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    Dis worm is not afraid of dem spiders...

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    Anything with more than 4 legs is KOS in my domicile. I leave them be outside, but when they cross that threshold and are on my turf, and they're of the insectoid or arachnid variety, I show no mercy.

    Except for beetles. I just put them in a cup and toss them outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Dis worm is not afraid of dem spiders...
    wow that is seriously just as creepy as spiders, i swear i am not clicking any more links tonight.

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    I watched an hour long documentary on brown recluses when I was eight. I am still pretty damn scared of them to this day (Lovely documentary mentioned Texas as being the state with the largest population then it decided to cite some specific cases of death due to them, fuck you animal planet). I kill pretty much any arachnid I see, any bugs that can't fly but can bite also die (I'm looking at you, damn fire ants). Oddly enough I have no issues at all with bees, this being mainly due to the fact that I don't react or even notice if one stings me. Anything that is too large I can't crush, I usually put some soap or aerosol on them, my pity is outweighed by my squeamishness).
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    I our house the spiders are occuping more space I don't hate them that much because the dust in our house sticks to its web which makes easier to clean my house.

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    that awkward time when you scroll through the thread REEEEEEEALLY slowly just in case some evil person decided to include big pictures of spiders.

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    i can get rid of them with a glass and a piece of paper but i really don't like them much, the small ones aren't so bad its house spiders i don't like they move so fast it makes me shiver.

    i woke up one night with a housey on my shoulder tickling my neck, i've never gone from being half asleep to as if i've just drank 3 espressos before that day. grabbed the spider threw it across the room and yes i didn't get back to sleep.

    from what i gather its something handed down from your parents, my mother would cling to the ceiling if she saw one, which is probably why i don't like them, when your small you learn from your olders when you see them being scared of something it becomes your fear aswell.

    strangley i'm not scared of many other things, snakes, bats, ants, beetles, crabs .. don't bother me, only spiders.

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