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    Question Need some advice about Protection and CM's

    I'm usually playing retribution / holy but since the lack of tanks I "decided" to go protection (against my will, shh) for Challenge Modes and I think I need some input.

    Is this stats fine? I am inside a CM and I'm totally unbuffed, what should I improve? Do I have too much expertise? Please help!
    Thanks in advance bois n' gurls!


    Edit: Forgot the screenshot -_-
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    Are you planning to link an armory?

    Assuming you're going for Golds:

    Basically, stat allocation is the same as raid tanking. Hit to 7.5, Exp to 15.0, Haste > Mastery > Stam > D/P. I suppose you could make more of an effort to slot in crit items, since D/P is really pretty useless at the scaled down values in CMs, and tank DPS plays a HUGE role in success, but I just rolled with my raid tank gear. I suppose you COULD drop some expertise based on talent selection, but it's up to you. I ran HA for every run and it served me well as a stellar cooldown AND DPS boost.

    Not sure what your items look like, but if you have say a LFR item without a socket, and a 463 item WITH a socket, use the 463, since gems do not scale down. Same thing goes for trinkets: unless you have baller trinkets (I used shado-pan stam trinket and Lei Shens), Ghost Iron Dragonling is a good choice to stack some stats.

    Other than that, bring lots of tomes and get Klaxxi resin for you and your healer. Glyphs change a LOT based on encounter, though it depends some on your group comp and their amount of AOE control/CC. Other good items to get are Battle Horn (from Blackhorn) and Rod of Ambershaping (from Krix'tic or however you spell it).

    There are some good guides in the R+D forums for Gold strats, but if you have pally specific questions we can help.

    Edit: wow OK, so zero haste. That's a big red flag. Haste is what you want the most of, stat-wise for ShotR uptime and DPS/self healing. I'm assuming you're a bit undergeared from the values there, so I know you're working with what you can, but I'd strongly suggest a GID and slap in haste, exp and mastery (based on your current values). Looks like you've got a crit piece, and some traditional tank gear too. Check the stickies on proper prot gearing/stat priority.
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    Thanks, thats very helpful!
    Sorry I didn't add an armory link, I logged out in Retribution gear and its maintenance right now so. But in-case:

    I'll look into these points, thank you!

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