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    Nerf Avenging Wrath or Guardian and Buff Templar's Verdict. It damage is stupidly unpredictable, rather see it be much more consistent and slightly higher. Would like our finisher to mean something, because atm it doesn't really cause that much more damage and can be surpassed by Judgment and Crusader Strike at times. Maybe remove Guardian for sustained, and keep wings. Feel wings is more iconic. Or maybe make Wings not allow HoW.

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    Why nerf anything? Just buff sustained leave burst as is? There is no point nerfing anything when we're already behind so only buff sustain abit to compensate and good game y0?!

    Such an easy thing to do and as many pointed out / complained in the past make a big distinction between abilities like make exo quadcrit or something so its default n1 filler and such. Maby give both finishers a small facelift in numbers too.

    Btw we getting 2minute wings >baseline< and current tier14 4set getting redesigned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nairobi View Post
    But nowhere did you mention any sustained increase.
    On a thread with a discussion about nerfing burst in favor of sustained? Did I really have to?

    Reducing the effect of our already vastly underwhelming final tier abilities wouldn't solve the issue, and would just make them less interesting than they already are (since they already don't scale with haste, etc.).
    But they are often used during burst type situations and while they are underwhelming in many ways, they are a contributing factor. Minor, perhaps, but if you want to look at shifting damage from burst to sustained they would be a valid target.

    I agree with your mentality of "leveling off the dips" of the roller coaster that is Ret; precisely why I suggested the lowering of CDs, which would do just that. By reducing the height of the peaks, but commensurately increasing their frequency, we see a rise in sustained damage levels without the burden of "balance issues" caused by those high peaks. Total damage stays roughly equal, but you get more options to hit those "fun buttons" and less YouTube all-star videos of stupidly large numbers that set classes back. This way, even if you DO choose to pop them all together, the net cap of %increase is lower than it is currently, overall reducing burst.
    Which results in losing the feel of strong CDs that Rets have in favor of the weaker, more frequent CD system that other classes use. You lose the need to time when they can be best used, in favor of simply slipping them into a standard rotation. The weaker and more frequent the CDs are, the more that is the case.

    I just don't get the logic here: you suggest lowering the CD and effect of abilities like ES or LH, but doing so to AW is a "poor solution"?
    Yes. Because different abilities have different roles, fill different needs, provide the class with a different feel. AW is a CD. ES and LH are not. They are simply moves that have a long enough CD that a burst DPS CD has an appreciable effect on them.


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