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    Potential Shaman Buffs and Ability Idea's

    Hi folks. First post here on MMO-champion and I would like to show what abilities and buffs should be implimented to shaman. for as you all know. DPS shaman spec's are subpar In terms of survivability and damage in comperison to most classes among other issues. Bear in mind this post may quite long


    EN:Enhancement only ELE:Elemental only RESTO: Restoration only

    First of all I'll start with survivalbility.As I mention Shaman's have poor suvivability. I think that the elemental shield should be turned into stance's like a warrior or DK with buffed Effect's to make them more viable to use Also I don't think that resto should benifit from the elemental shield buffs mention below as they have excellence survivability compare to the Dps spec's but should have a buff'ed spirit barrier in case mobs or player's gang up to take a resto shammy down fast.In additon Astral shift for Elemental shaman's should have the passive effect of the old astral shift to help in PvP :
    SPIRIT BARRIER:Surounds the shaman in a barrier that absorbs X amount of damage and reduces damage from fire,frost and nature spells by 10%. Lasts 15 sec 30 sec CD
    [EN+ELE]Improved shields: your elemental shield's are now empowerd Granting additional effect based on your spec: Enhancement: Increase your armor by 40% and when Lightning shield is active your auto-attacks and melee now deal 40% of it's damage and When Water shield is active healing done to you by your own healing spells is increased by 30% and your auto-attack's and melee abilities now heal your for 5% of the damage done. Elemental: Increase the damage reduction by Lightning shield by an additional 5% and your Water shield now increase's healing done by 45% and reduces mana cost of your healing spell by 20%
    [ELE+RESTO]Mystic barriers:Increase the amount of damage absorted by Spirit barrier and when stone Bulkwark totem is present while Spirit Barrier is active it will now reinforce spirit barrier adding it's own shield to spirit barrier increasing the amount of damage absorbed by the amount added. this effect can only occur 5 times
    [EN+ELE]Elemental safeguard:Your lightning shield now protect's you harm reducing damage received by 10% and Water shield now heals you for 2% of your Maximum health every 4 Sec
    Talent's: Honestly i think that Tier 2 and tier 3 talent's are just fillers on the talent tree and just be made base line while tier 5 need some adjustment to be work fairly for all specs. Tier 2 talent should be into a shock based tier while tier 3 should be made into a buff tier:

    Piercing shocks:Your shocks now can now penatrates absorbing shields. Dealing full damage to the shield and 75% damage to the shielded target. In addition Riptide now Ignores up 25% of healing reduction effect
    Empowered shocks: Your shocks now deal 30% more damage([RESTO]:riptide now heals 15%more) and have addtional effect: Earth shock: now aplies Physical vunability. Flame shock: increases spell damage done by 5% Frost shock:now roots the target for 5 secs
    Wind shear: becomes wind shock and now deals damage. Riptide:your riptide spell now has a 25% chance of removing a curse or a magic debuff from the target each time it heals
    Shockblasts: your shock now affect targets in a 10 yard[EN]:your shocks now deal damage in a 15 yard cone and when cast an melee range deal 40% more damage but area of effect is reduced to 10 yards
    Tier 3:
    totemic mastery: your totems now have 25% increase effciency and last 20% longer in addition you now gain flamestorm totem and ice fury totem.Both are variant of stormlash totem that add Fire and Frost damage to attacks respectivily
    Shield mastery: your Elemanetal shileds now active more frequiently(2 sec CD) and Lightning shield now deal 25% more damage,water shield now generate more 20% more mana[RESTO] your Earth shild now has 3 more stacks
    Empowered imbues: your weapon imbues are now stronger increasing the damage of flametounge weapon by 25% and passive effect by 45%, Frostbrand deals 20% more damage and pro more frequently, increases the effectiveness of you Rockbitter weapon by 20%, increase the the damage done by windfury by 20% and increase the healing bonus and periodic healing of earthliving by 30%
    Tier 5:
    Conductivity:Healing rain now casts conduit on target's effects based on your spec.Lasts the duration healing rain and is refreashed every time a conduit enters your healing rain.:[ELE]Healing rain now damages enemy target's and turns them into conduits causing them to heal all raid or party member's 50% of the damage form your Lightning and fire based spell's, [EN] when you stand or enter your own healing rain you became a conduit and your healing rain now follow's you. in addtion your Lighting based spells and stromstirke now heals Raid or party members by 50% of the damage done and is no long on the GCD[RESTO]any raid or party membrt healed by healing rain now become conduits receiving 50% of healing done by healing rain and 10% more healing from your periodic heals.
    In addtion AG in my oppinon should also heal the shaman for 10% of all damage and healing done per target healed if the shaman is not one of the most injuried being healed should also have a 1.5 CD. HTT should scale with solely from Sp or Ap[EN] and not be affected by any shaman passive effect expect for [RESTO]mastery.

    Imbues:most of the Imbues are ok apart from Rockbitter and frostbrand which should be changes to work like this:
    Rockbitter weapon: Imbue your weapon with the force of earth, increasing weapon damage done by 20% and reduces damage received by 5%
    Frostbrand weapons:Imbues your wepon with frost.Causing your melee hits to 112 (+ 5.8% of SpellPower) to 345 (+ 5.8% of SpellPower) damage and each hit has a chance of slowing your target by 50%.
    in addition ELE and RESTO should also have a Passive that allows them to deal imbue damage through Offencive spell's like LB or UW.Also windfury I thinks should increase Melee haste by X and spell haste by Y and by usable by all spec when unleashed it reduces the cast time your next 3 spells by 20% for casters

    General Improvments:

    Ghost wolf should be buff'ed back to it orginal state granting 40% movement speed and resistance to snares and include certain abilities that can only be in GW form:
    Ghost shoroud: cover yourself in a ghostly shoround that renders you invicible to the naked eye for 2Mins 2 min CD
    Ghost leap: spritually empowers your leap allowing you to jump to a targeted location 40Yards 30sec CD.
    Totems changes done in 5.1 should be reverted
    Asentance should last for 25 sec instead of 15 secs and grant usage lava lash for [EN] and allow the shaman to use only their core ability during asentance such as Stormblast, lava burst and Healing wave etc. when silenced.
    Elemental totems CD Should be reduced by 2 mins
    searing totem be buff'ed to deal around 250%-300% more damage but have a CD of around 1 min and Healing stream should be buff'ed to do 75% more healing.

    Infused strike:strike:An elemental strike that deals 100% weapon plus additional 100% as fire/frost/nature or Physical damage(based on your Weapon imbues)[RESTO] If used with earthliving weapon heal your for 100% of damage done.
    Spiritwalker's swiftness:increase your movement speed by 8%([EN]15%) and when you use Spirit walker's grace your movement speed will increase by 15% ([EN]60%)
    Mental dexterty[ELE+RESTO]:Intellect now grants 1.2 Attack power and your is weapon damage increased by 100%
    Enhancement Improvement:Enhacement shaman's are in my own oppinon the most fun spec because of the versitility and style of play. but most of that has diminish over time and now the enhancement spec too rigid and no longer enjoys the freedom it once has. here so ideas that i think should be implimented:

    Frostfire synergy: Your searing flame and Fire elemental totem now deal frostfire damage and along with your Flametougne and Frostbrand now have a chance to grant a charge of Searing Frostfire which increases the damage done by 12% by Flametougne and frostbrand weapon and when consumed. increases the damage done by lava lash by 20% and frost flank by 30%. Stack 5 times.
    Frost flank:Slams the target a with ice-infused weapon. dealing 200% weapon and for slows the target by 8% per stack for 15 sec. Damage is increased 40% when weapon in enchanted by Frostbrand.share CD with Lava lash
    Unleashed strike: A destructive attack that unleashes the full force of your weapon enchantments: Windfury:create a violent strom that deal 200% windfury damge over 6 sec in a 12 yard radius and when windfury weapon proc inside the strom. it's duration is increased by 3 sec. Flametougne: deal 300% weapon damage and light's the target on fire. causing them to run around distored and deal X fire damage to all other target in a 10 yard radius. Frostbrand: Deal 150% weapon and freeze all targets around a 10 yard radius for 5 secs Rockbitter: Smash the main target and the ground around dealing 400% weapon damage and 250% to all other targets and stuns the main target for 5 sec and secondary targets for 3 sec.
    Enhanced fists:you enchant your own fist with elemental energy. Causing your weapon imbues to be cast on yourself instead of you weapons. in addition when disarmed you can now use any ability that requied weapon imbues and you now retain 20% of your weapon damage.
    Elemental improvments:Personally i haven't played much as an elemental. But from what i have hear Ele has no dispel counter and earthquake suck ATM among other thing.
    so here are some idea on solving some these issue:
    Elemental walker: your lightning bolt and lava burst can now be cast when moving and can't be interupeted by knock-back effect
    Burning feedback: when your flame shock is dispeled it now deals 100% of it's direct damage and 75% of it's periodic damage based on the duration. in adition gives the shaman 90 % haste for 6 sec.This effect can only occur every 8 sec.
    Eartquake: cause the earth to break and tear Dealing physical damage and reduces movement speed of affected targets and increases the chance for them to be knocked down stuning the for 3 secs by 10%. Stacks up to 10 times.
    Ancestral ward[ELE+RESTO]: when you're Silenced, feared or stuned you receive 30% less damage for the duration of the effect and astral shift now break you free from such effect and adds half of the remaining durations of these effects to the duration of astral shift. also reduces it's CD by 30 secs
    Restoration improvements: I don't really think that RESTO is in any need of being buff as they are still in a comfortable position ATM so I can't thinks of any ideas that would buff them without becoming OP(aside form the abilities I mention in this thread that they share with ELE).

    Well that is all. Please leave a comment as feedback greatly appreciated and hope you enjoy reading this.
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    I honestly like many of these you never know they could be implemented. I made a post similar to this months before MOP was released or still in beta cant remember but quite a few of my ideas were actually (quite possibly was the plan anyway) put into the game. Never know bc if we got these man shaman would be killer fun. Fun rating currently 7/10 with ur stuff maybe 10/10

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    Pretty nice to hear that some of your Ideas actually got implimented. I would like to see the post you about your own idea on how WoW could buff and improve shamans.

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    I'm sorry, but are you trying to make Shaman's crazily overpowered?

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    I can totally see these implemented in the game..

    However all other classes will get similar or bigger buffs and we will end up in the same place we are today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammoura View Post
    I'm sorry, but are you trying to make Shaman's crazily overpowered?
    I see your point but aren't Mages not OP at the moment. The idea's I came up with were to fix the problems that shamans have ATM like low burst and silence issue's as well as making the class more fun to play as. But if I had GC's job right now i would not Impliment all of the ideas I have list as that would make shaman's OP only implimenting the the one's that would fix the DPS spec if this class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samiizz View Post
    I can totally see these implemented in the game..

    However all other classes will get similar or bigger buffs and we will end up in the same place we are today.
    Well if that happens we as good as &^%$ed. But then again I still hope that shaman's will become strong again. Shaman's are still a fun class to play as with alot of pontential but I still think there is room for improvement but with Ghostcrawler AKA Mr. neaf shaman's holding the reins. It's still going to suck. I just posted this thread to show what could be done to fix Dps shaman's

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