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    Putting symbiosis on a mage/hunter should help, yet I prefer to ask our Paladins to give me a salvation on pull. That way you don't have to sacrifice defensive cooldowns like Unending Resolve or CoS from your symbiosis.
    Also please don't ask your moonkin to give up dmg on pull because tanks struggle with threat (like Starfall on Protectors of the Endless), since the threat buff to 500% in Firelands those days should be behind us. (Still with spawning mobs ofc give the tank a sec.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    symbiosis on hunter might not be as bad as we think
    If you have a hunter in your raid you shouldn't need to symb him/her, they can deal with MD just fine. If you have a hunter or rogue or both in your raid setup they should be trixing or using MD. Thats what my raid does and I have never pulled aggro. Tanks need to be on the ball aswell. Make sure she isn't casting wrath before the initial pull mid-timer to get into her CD rotation faster.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone
    Mirror images really helped a lot and if she still should have threat problems we will ask our hunter to use MD on her.

    Again, thanks for your help

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    youre asking your moonkin to give up a lot as far as defensives go (ams cloak unending resolve) ive never ever had threat issues

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    Moonkin threat issues is almost purely a factor of NV burst damage. I can easily burst up to 300k DPS on the pull, which is reasonably high as is, but since NV is up at the time I can /also/ be putting out 100k HPS through that. Threat is based on both, and this is particularly evident on a fight like Spirit Kings because there's a decently good chance that it'll be effective healing (most of the time it's not, and overhealing doesn't build much threat). If the healing on NV is effective, your moonkin actually IS putting out exactly 30% more threat per point of DPS than someone who is only causing damage due to the healing conversion part.

    Timing can fix some of it, mirror images can fix the rest if needed. But personally I much prefer taking defensive cooldowns and just letting my tank know if/when threat may be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    I haven't seen any threat problems with moonkins since TBC, but back then, they were intended as caster-tanks. Extra threat on all spells and 370% armor bonus..
    Yes, if you pop Starfall, Mushrooms AND Hurricane at the same time, IN LOWLEVEL DUNGEONS, tank can have a hard time getting agro, but the game isn't balanced for lowlevel.

    When I do LFR (not doing reals raids this expansion), I don't even get in Top10 threat in my Omen, even though I' always in Top5 in damage..
    I had problems back in wrath when I was full raiding gear and I was healing instances as a bookin and dpsing at the same time but besides that I have not had any problems.
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    Either your tank is doing smth very wrong, or he lost his taunt button. Tell your tank not to slack imo.

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    I've never had any problems with aggro in my raids. As for spirit kings the only reason I can see is if your moonkin uses starfall as a new boss gets active and your tank is not ready at the boss and maybe misses his first couple of hits.
    Also when you start on meng your tank may not have a lot of vengenace.

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