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    Reforging Question (WoW Reforge)

    I'm starting to tinker with this again. For Demonology, the haste soft cap is at 4717 with the 5% raid buff. When adjusting the cap fields for hit and haste, which is the optimal setting (close to, exactly to, at least, or at most)?

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    If you run Affliction at any point then 4717 is a good point to grab, otherwise just going for the Doom point at 3036 should suffice.

    Close to setting will not guarantee you are over it, so you might be under for haste or hit, which is bad. At most will not guarantee you hit it either, cause if it can't get you exactly at the point it will put you as close to it, but under. Exactly to will most likely be an inefficient way, cause it changes stuff to exactly hit that point. At least to will make certain you hit the points and will not reforge for just the sake of hitting a point, but is most likely going to overshoot a point to varying degree.

    Take your pick of what you feel is best. I personally would go for At least to setting.

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    For my two cents, I would say to set the softcap for hit to "close to" or "at most" (unless doing so puts you further away from the hit cap than you're comfortable with) and that of haste to "at least". For the most part, most of your secondary stats will be equivalent in value, although in my experience crit usually seems to be slightly ahead of haste and mastery. As far as hit is concerned, it is typically advised that you reach the hit cap first, but I've never really had any objections to being slightly below it. I don't like to tie up other secondary stats in reaching the hit cap, especially if reforging as such will put me over the hit cap. I do have to say though, that I'm not sure how important it is to hit the 4717 softcap. I usually just make sure I have enough haste to hit the softcap for Doom and then prioritize crit.

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    Thanks, guys. I do swap in and out of demo and affliction, so the soft cap on corruption is something I would like to hit. I'm definitely way over the soft cap for doom. I'll toy around with the suggestions.

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