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    Bartender Execute Phase Toggle

    Hi All,

    Quick question regarding Bartender - is there a way to assign a hotkey to toggle the content of a particular keybind. To give you a bit more context, my DK Tank has Blood Strike on 2, which after 35% would get changed to Soul Reaper in most cases. What I'm after is to be able to tap a button during the encounter when the boss hits 35%, changing Blood Strike to Soul Reaper in keybind 2.

    edit: Was trying something out using focus as my toggle, but didn't work as expected, thus why this was suddenly deleted!

    edit2: Can confirm that I have managed to get this working with a next action bar keybind, 2 action bars paged as my main bar. Next challenge will be to build an addon which warns me at 35% and pushes me to change the action bar
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    Weak Auras can indicate the boss being below a certain percentage of health (trigger: status->health->target->health(%)).

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