Crucial is a 10 man progression raiding guild here on Kazzak, Under new leadership and we are looking to recruit for our core, Atm we are progressing Msv And HoF but plan to get onto current tier raids and then HC modes when 5.2 drops

Raid Days:

Raiding Hours:
1935 - 2300

Recruitment open to:
Shadow Priest
Retribution Paladin
Windwalker Monk
Balance/Restoration Druid

Viable offspecs encouraged but not necessary

We are an English speaking guild and use Mumble as our communication means.

Minimum requirements:

Relevant raid experience
Prepared to come to raids fully Gemmed, Enchanted, Repaired and flasked

If this sounds appealing to you then please do apply at

Successful applicants will be contacted ingame and through our site.